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Birth Tigers


6 - Version 3Pregnancy is a time of preparation. There are many things women do to prepare for the birth of their child and to prepare for entering into the unknown, you may find yourself reading birth books, talking to friends, researching birth topics or perhaps even creating a birth plan.

It is normal to have concerns or worries during pregnancy and we can sometimes have a tendency to want to over control, avoid or give our power away when faced with a situation that fills us with discomfort or unease. Pregnancy preparation is a dance, we can all go through different moods and feelings around various topics as our due date approaches. All of these behaviours are perfectly normal and you may encounter all 3 throughout your pregnancy and leading up to the birth of your baby. However, there could be one particular scenario that you find has a little more energy than the others. It can take a lot of energy to avoid something and even before birth there is a mini-fear response in your body every time you feel afraid or go into avoidance or over control. It is healthy to feel afraid sometimes and it can be a strong motivator to learn new things and prepare for the changes and challenges coming your way.

The oxytocin feedback loop that allows a woman to enter into labour land and that keeps labour going, can be interrupted by the adrenaline that is released with a fear response. Due to the power of our minds an imagined fear creates the same adrenaline response as if the actual scary event is happening.

Imagine Lucy (3.2 million year old human ancestor) in labour, if she sees a tiger approaching, her body will be flooded with adrenaline, slowing or stopping her labour so that she can fight or run. If Lucy didn’t see a tiger but just heard a rustling in the bushes and imagines that it is caused by a tiger, she will have the same adrenal response,  a tightening and closing of the body and a redirection of blood flow to her extremities and away from her core.

Looking the tiger in the eye and learning how to tame it, helps to build determination and resilience for any unwished for event that the Birth fairy may bring to your birth.

In Beauty

Shekinah Leigh

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Birth Fairy


393031_615216111825378_939832184_n - Version 2In the story of sleeping beauty, there were 13 fairies in the kingdom. When beauty was born, her parents, the King & Queen, had a party in celebration. They invited everyone in all the land including the 12 Fairies. The 13th fairy was not invited as she was known to cause trouble and they wanted this party to be a peaceful and harmonious event.

During the celebration, all the fairies approached the cradle and bestowed beautiful gifts and talents upon the young baby. However, before long, the 13th Fairy arrived and she was not happy! She was hurt that she had been left out, forgotten and neglected, so when she approached the cradle, she placed a curse on Sleeping Beauty, that when she turned 18, she would prick her finger with a needle and die. Everyone was horrified, what a terrible thing to befall this beautiful child. Luckily the 12th Fairy hadn’t yet given her blessing to the child and while she could not undo the curse, she could weaken the effects of it. Instead of the girl dying at the age of 18, she would fall into a deep sleep that could only be broken by true loves kiss…

When we speak of the 13th fairy in childbirth, we are talking about the surprise event, the unwished for situation, or unplanned experience, that may arise in labour. It can look like anything, it may be that the birth fairy comes along and during the course of a perfectly natural and healthy birth, decides to just up the intensity a bit,  so perhaps it’s more than you were expecting. She may throw in a complication that ends in a caesarean birth, or she may even wave her wand and bring your labour and birth on so quickly, you don’t even have time to get to hospital, if that’s what you were planning.

You never know when the birth fairy may turn up at your birth and while it is impossible to be aware of every path that birth could take, it is beneficial to know that birth can be unpredictable.  When you understand that birth is a women’s mystery,  a rite of passage, an initiation, an unknown with no guarantees of the outcome, then you can be prepared, prepared to do whatever needs to be done next, for you and your baby.

The Birth Fairy reminds us that there is no recipe to follow to get the “perfect birth”.  There is only what’s next, what is the next best thing that you can do.  When you know this, then you also know that you can’t fail in birth, there is nothing that you can do wrong, there is only the next best thing, followed by the next best thing, in whatever way your birth journey is unfolding for your personal initiation into motherhood.

In Beauty