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Dana from “Breathe Massage Meditation Movement”

Screenshot 2015-01-19 07.28.26Week 2 of our “FEATURED GODDESSES”!

This week Dana from “Breathe massage meditation movement” is in the spotlight.

Dana has been dedicated to the healing arts for many years and is a qualified yoga instructor, therapeutic and thai yoga massage therapist. She is passionate about authentic self awareness and the remembering and reintegration of the divine feminine.

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Kahuna Bodywork & Hawaiian Philosophy

IMG_0802 - Version 2 copyKahuna Bodywork isn’t just a massage, it is an age-old healing modality, designed specifically to connect you to your highest self, for profound and sometimes subtle transformation, on all levels…

As a transformational and healing form of massage, it works on a deeply cellular level, to bring about health and well-being in body, mind and soul. When you receive Kahuna Bodywork, you can trust that the beautiful blend of movement, music, touch and intention, will allow for a deep relaxation and unwinding, encouraging your body-mind to release and integrate all that you have been experiencing in life.

It is an especially delicious massage for women to receive, as it is incredibly nurturing and gentle, while still allowing for deep muscular release, all while being held in a safe and sacred space.

I am incredibly grateful that Kahuna Massage was the first style of bodywork that I was introduced to and as such, it is the foundation for all bodywork treatments that I offer to my clients.

7 principles (small)Over the next 7 days, I will be sharing with you the 7 Principles, that are the foundation of Kahuna Hawaiian Philosophy, as I have been taught.

To gain a greater understanding of these principles, come on over to my FB Page, so that you can get a little touch of the ALOHA spirit, right at home xx

I studied Kahuna Bodywork and Hawaiian Philosophy with Mette’s Institute on the Sunshine Coast. I highly recommend all of their courses, they are offered with the utmost integrity and authenticity! Mette has become a dear friend throughout the years and her dynamic & loving personality, creates a safe space for all, you will not regret attending her retreats!

To book in to receive one of theses amazing massages, call or text me on 0416 376 951, or email me at

In Beauty
Shekinah Leigh



Casey at “Funky Forest Health & Well-being”

10001258_644915465556177_914261401_oweek 1 – the 1st of the featured goddesses!

Where I showcase 1 woman, her business, or an organisation, to be illuminated for ALL to see!

Casey Conroy is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, yoga and AcroYoga teacher, and naturopath-in-training who loves raw chocolate and schisandra berries in her green smoothies. She is the founder of Funky Forest Health & Wellbeing on the Gold Coast, and advocates a practical, fun, and pleasurable approach to nutrition and wellbeing.

Casey is running some amazing things, including a Yoga & Women’s circle on the 23rd January at the Gypsy-Garage at Miami.

So take some time to check out what Casey is offering and help us to support the women, who are supporting YOU! 

Featured Goddesses!

profilelove copyGood Morning Sisters!

One of my New Years resolutions is to support the SISTERHOOD more, in the work that they are doing, to “Honour the Feminine” and to create more understanding and acceptance in being WOMAN!

Many of us are doing similar work and others are providing very different services, however ALL of us have our unique gifts that we bring to the teachings, practices and experiences that we share with the women that we work with. What we offer will attract different women, at different times and I LOVE that we are all awakening and embracing our divine feminine goddess energy, in ways that bring more EASE and GRACE into all of our lives!

One way I am choosing to support my sisters, is by featuring one woman’s business, group, or organisation, every week, on my Website and Facebook Page. If you would like to be a part of this Sisterhood Circle, where we support one another to be the best that we can be and encourage success in ways that fill our hearts and souls, than please feel free to email me at or text/phone on 0416 376 951. A brief summary (25-50 words) on the work that you are doing, or the service you are providing, would be wonderful!

Feel free to pass this onto any women, that you know, are working towards creating more BEAUTY in their own lives and in the lives of those that they work with.

In Beauty
Shekinah Leigh

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Only POSITIVE Birth Stories Please…

siloheutte BW (3)I look at a lot of birthing pictures, quotes, sayings and ideas everyday. Some are awesome, some are quirky and funny, some mean well and some are just, well, I have to be honest, some just really bug me.

I love the power of positive thinking, I strongly adhere to the premise that you are what you think. I agree that it is amazing to only be surrounded by pleasant stories and pretty anecdotes….however….

To me, constantly reading how pregnant women SHOULD only be surrounded by positive birth stories, is like being told that people who are getting married should never hear about relationship breakups or divorce. It is unrealistic and naïve. Hearing about relationship struggles lets people know that a good relationship requires work, commitment and a strong foundation of love and that sometimes, even with all those things, even the most loving relationship can end or at the very least, look much different than what you first imagined.

Birth is a deep and life-changing women’s mystery. It covers everything from the ecstatic to the traumatic, sometimes all in the one birth. 1 in 3 women feel traumatised after the birth of their baby, for various valid reasons. 1 in 3 women suffer from Post Natal Depression. Quite often women are traumatised because they have NO idea of the realities of birth. So many are led to believe that there is a PERFECT Birth just waiting for them, if only they just do this thing, read this book, buy this item, do more yoga, don’t eat that food.

Yes, there are many things that pregnant women can do to support themselves to have the BEST birth possible, however, this in no way GUARANTEES the perfect birth that too many practitioners silently promise their clients. Leading women to believe that a course, or a thought, will give them what they want, is just setting them up for failure and is much more disempowering than any negative birth story could ever be! All we as birth workers can do, is help to prepare women, give them tools to put in their tool belt, so that they hopefully have what they need to draw on, when the time comes. We owe it to them to tell the truth about birth, to discuss the scary stuff as well as the nice stuff. It is up to us to point the way, to shine the light, to ask the taboo questions and to bring up the scary scenarios.

Birth plans are fantastic if they get you thinking about lots of different situations and how you would like to manage them, if or when they happen. I think birth stories are fantastic, the so called “positive” ones, where everyone gets what they wanted, a healthy baby, a birth that goes to plan, a satisfied mother and a happy family at the end. I also believe that so-called “negative” birth stories are important for women to hear throughout their lives and preceding the birth of their child as well. Not to scare the pregnant mumma, not to make her feel disempowered or unsafe but so that she KNOWS that there are as many ways to birth, as many outcomes to a birth, as there are women, so that she can prepare to the best of her ability in the ways that call to her. All birth stories are valid, all birth stories need to be heard, all women should feel the right to share there deepest experience of their rite of passage to motherhood without feeling like they are ruining someone else’s day.

 “Our birth stories, our birth experiences, are our medicine that we share with our community.”

I would like to think that if a pregnant woman is triggered by a birth story, that she could take the opportunity to look deeply at where her fears are coming up in relation to that story. Find that place, look that Tiger in the eye and face it. It is an opportunity to feel more empowered, not disempowered. It is an opportunity to take the fear out of the scenario, not add more to it.

First births are a transition from maiden to mother, a part of this transformation is being able to let go of the childish naiveté of the little girl and step up into the strong warrior that will be giving birth. No one else can give birth for you. Innocence is beautiful but you wouldn’t send a soldier to battle without being fully prepared. Prepared through combat training, through knowledge of what they are facing and with a realistic idea of all that a battle can entail, again, not to scare them but to prepare them for all that is possible, so that if the “unthinkable” happens they are ready to face it and step through it.

It is true that our current society shrouds the TRUTH of birth in secrecy and superficiality. As a women’s mystery it is always about facing the unknown. Yes, some women share their stories in a way that feels like poison and that’s not just the mumma’s with “negative” birth stories. I think the sooner we make space for all women to feel safe in expressing their personal initiation into motherhood, the less energy these stories will hold for the new mother to be….

I LOVE pregnant women, I KNOW the strength, courage and determination they will need to draw on to become mothers, which is why I believe in the TRUTH of birth, all births, happy & sad. It is why I teach “Taming the Tiger” and why I work with mothers to integrate and heal from their birthing journey. It is not a journey for the faint hearted, it is not a journey for a little girl, it is a rite of passage that will show you who you are, your strength, your wisdom and your truth. When embraced as the life-changing event that it is, with all the joyful bits and all the scary parts, then it becomes the initiation into MOTHERHOOD.

In Beauty
Shekinah Leigh

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For support on how to integrate & heal from your birthing journey, signup for “Motherhood – The Initiation”

How to Fill your LOVE cup to Overflowing!

IMG_2651Some days I notice that I’m not feeling as juicy, as affectionate, or as loving as I want to be, to myself or to those that I care about…

While, as a woman, there can be so many factors that contribute to this lack of feeling sensual, once you begin to dig a little deeper and take complete ownership of your needs, wants and desires, you may start to notice how you have been limiting yourself in your full expression of life.

As you take a deeper look at each of the 5 areas, you can discover where you are not keeping your cup full and you may begin to notice just how neglected you have LET YOURSELF BECOME!

Over this 5 week course, we will be gathering together in a safe & supportive environment, to share and explore the 5 aspects of life together (spiritual, mental, physical, emotional & sexual). During this time YOU can discover tools and practices that allow you to access your inner joy & feminine radiance, in all areas of life.

By gaining a deeper understanding of these 5 aspects and how they work for you, you will naturally and easily find your life flowing more harmoniously and lovingly towards the things that fulfil you and bring you joy. Creating this awareness of your needs and more importantly, how to meet these needs in simple, fun & effective ways, will allow you to live a more harmonious, sensual and radiant life, in all the ways that YOU want too!

To REGISTER your interest for this 5 weeks course, please contact me on 0416 376 951 or email me at

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