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How To Fill Your Love Cup – Week 4 / Spiritual

blue sunset tree ladyEven though our gatherings have been cancelled, I wanted to continue on with the aspects, so that the energy comes full circle and feels complete.

This week is the spiritual aspect. This is the place where we drop the veils of illusion and fantasy, were we step into the light, into our shining and take that leap of faith into our full expansion of self.

To balance the spiritual we need to connect to spirit, to source, to our higher selves, to cosmic consciousness, or whatever the god/goddess presence is for you.

There are many ways to do this and some of the ways that I connect are through the following:-

  • Ecstatic/Trance Dance
  • Chanting/Kirtan Gatherings
  • Sacred Sexuality
  • Ceremony

Each of these, make it possible for me, to step outside of myself and drop into that place of truth, that is beyond this mundane world. It is when we connect with spirit and open our hearts and minds to all that is possible, that we find ourselves becoming more of who we are, in every day life.

I so would have loved to have shared this weeks teachings with you in circle, I had some yummy experiences for us to share as we explored the spiritual more deeply. However, never fear, they will be included in the 1-day workshop when it is offered

Much Love
Shekinah xx

Happy International Women’s Day! (March 8th)

aShekinah10-111.purple copy - smallThis is to all the women, all the mothers, grandmothers, aunties, sisters, daughters and nieces.

This is for all the women across the world, those living in luxury, those living in oppression, those who are free and those who are not. This is for the women who are celebrating and the ones who are just surviving, the ones who are experiencing pleasure and the ones who are suffering in pain.

This is the day to acknowledge how far we have come and to honour the women who have come before us, who gave up their lives, their freedoms and their happiness, so that we can be FREE today. This is the day to hold space for those women who are still fighting for their human rights; to be seen, to be heard, to be respected and to be celebrated as the beautiful, powerful and vitally necessary beings that they are!

Love to the women, young and old, I hope whoever you are, that you can feel the hands and hearts of your sisters on this planet today and everyday xx

How To Fill Your LOVE Cup – Week 3 / Mental

Screenshot 2015-01-15 12.00.49This week’s aspect is the mental realms – intellectual stimulation. We will be exploring how we fill our mental LOVE cup, how our minds can be open and receptive, flexible and creative. There are many ways that we can feel LOVED up intellectually, through our careers, through artistic expression and through deep and meaningful conversations. From stillness and clarity, to an abundance of new ideas, this aspect allows us to let go of all the limitations we place on our imagination and what we think is possible….

This is a great one for me this week because I have been feeling uncreative and uninspired which means that this cup must be running pretty empty. This has come after I had been feeling intellectually overfull! So much had been going on, I had so many beautiful ideas and creative epiphanies that I was wanting to implement everything, as soon as possible, while the energy and excitement where present. I was also wanting to follow through on the seeds that I had planted in the past, especially as I had the physical energy present to do so.

However, what I have learned in the last few weeks, is how to to pay closer attention to the DEADBITE!

When we talk about food, the deadbite is that bite you take where all of a sudden the meal you were enjoying, the decadent chocolate fudge cake you were savouring, or that glass of wine you were experiencing loses it’s appeal. Quite often we keep going though, because our mind tells us that we are enjoying it, we loved it 5 seconds ago, we must still love it now. However, pushing past the deadbite is actually being abusive to your body. When you start to notice the deadbite and stop in the moment, you are honouring your bodies needs by mindfully consuming only what brings you physical and spiritual nourishment.
Unfortunately when you push too far past the deadbite, you can begin to get a tummy ache and feel unwell. Intellectually doing this can lead to similar affects, both physically and mentally.

For me, I pushed past my intellectual deadbite, all of a sudden I was doing things because they needed to be done, because I had started them, because the energy was already flowing, because I should, because…energetically this pushing past the deadbite began to leave me feeling strung out and stretched. Not stretched in a good, challenging way but stretched in a way where I was losing touch with the original intention of what I was creating. I was getting caught up in the snowball affect of what I had implemented and just assuming that it was all GOOD, instead of checking in with my energy levels and most importantly for me, if what I was doing was creating more beauty for myself and for those that I was sharing with…

So this weeks theme not only opens up the doorway to all that is possible, it also allows us to become more discerning with what we do, what we consume, what we put out there, where, why and how. It allows us to acknowledge the deadbite and know that when we feel it, it is our opportunity to re-evaluate our very next step.

I am looking forward to sharing this weeks journey with you all xx