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Awakening the Goddess!

Version 2Our lives are full of patterns; some we dance mindfully and some are triggered unconsciously. Most of us get to a point where we realise our current patterns are no longer serving us and we are looking for a new way to experience our lives. This immersion has been specifically designed to clearly recognize your current default pattern and shine a light in all those dark corners. This allows you to understand how you operate within the world, so that you can unwind and rewrite, your dharmic dance of beauty and harmony.

This is a conscious AWAKENING of the feminine! By using Goddess archetypes to more deeply understand each step, we can gather important insights into your life’s journey so far. Once you have embraced what was, it is time to powerfully and mindfully move onto your path with heart…

Over the first 15 days you will consciously explore each step of your current weaving of life, allowing you to integrate what has worked for you up until now. The last 15 days you will discover a NEW dance, a new pattern, a new way to pull all of the threads together, in a way that will continue to serve your growing evolution and enlightenment.

This devotional practice will increase your vibration and take you to the next level in your relationship with yourself, life and others. This is a step-by-step process and I will be supporting you along the way.

Awakening the Goddess is specifically set out over 30 days, as 3 holds the energy for creativity, form and the past/present/future. It usually takes 3 months to lay down and integrate a new behaviour, or pattern in our lives. So this first 30 days is designed to help you deeply embody this new practice and pattern, so that you can continue to activate it within your daily life.

This is a deep devotional practice into yourself; this is your opportunity to get to know yourself on a core level, so that you can bring more beauty and harmony into your life.

If you are ready for more, if you can feel that it is time to drop those old patterns that are limiting you and holding you back, then this is the immersion for you!

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Shekinah Leigh

Investment $210
Also available as a 2 x 2.5hr Face-to-Face session for $240

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Our Shakti Tribe is growing!

shekinah blessed beauty wayOur Shakti Tribe is growing!

For so long when I watched shows, or read books depicting the loss of the matriarchal ways, from Red Tents to Witchcraft, I would feel angry, frustrated and overwhelmed with disappointment. More recently though, I have felt it as a calling, a deep stirring of the dark goddess, summoning me to share my feminine ways and the matriarchal magic that had been passed down through the ages, through words, deeds and DNA.

There now feels like a deep obligation to continue to learn and gather together the threads of the feminine ways, so that it is not lost. Not just “not lost” but re-found, re-honoured and re-worshipped, as the missing threads in societies tapestry of life. So many women, like-minded sisters, are hearing the call and sharing themselves with vulnerability and authenticity, so that the flame keeps burning brightly, illuminating all the old stories so that they may be transformed and celebrated in a new way. We need ALL of the women who have woken up, to share their personal feminine ways with their sisters, daughters, mothers, aunties and grandmothers. We need all of these women to understand how to honour, understand and respect themselves so that the men, ALL the men, have no choice but to honour and respect them too. We are the light bringers, the gate keepers, the catalyst for change!

Whether you are a woman already walking the path of the goddess, or a woman who has only newly discovered this way, we welcome your voice, your experience and your wisdom. Add it to the melting pot of sacred women’s mysteries; join hands with your sisters as we sing together, calling ourselves home at last….

Come and join with us, sit in circle with your Shakti Tribe, discover new ways to express your natural, beautiful self, with ease and grace. Make new friends, connect with old friends and celebrate being WOMAN!

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EMPOWERing the Feminine – FB Event