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Feminine Soul Alignment

Feminine Soul Alignment21 day Personal, 1on1 Immersion, for Women

Feminine Soul Alignment is a 21 day Feminine Immersion just for you! This newest offering is based on my Goddess Moon Readings.   The Goddess Moon Reading is founded on ancient teachings, which map out the different energies that we are constantly moving through, within our lives. Each of us naturally progress through a series of energetic experiences throughout our life’s journey and this reading accurately charts the transitions, of these energetic movements.

Knowledge is power and when you can pinpoint exactly where you are on the wheel of life, you can harness your life force energy more efficiently and effectively, easily aligning with your inner truth and wisdom.

The Goddess Moon Reading charts your current life stream, showing you your immediate past, present and future. This allows me to provide you with practices to support you to integrate what has just been, to fully and consciously immerse yourself in what is and to prepare you effectively, for what is to come.

Feminine Soul Alignment is designed to support women to understand and integrate their femininity within their day-to-day lives. Over 21 days, we work together, to move through any blocked areas in your life, so that you can deeply experience your own authentic soul self.

Are you ready to let go of what no longer serves you? Do you need support to more deeply understand what has been happening in your life? Are you ready to walk your path with heart?

If you are ready to devote this time to yourself, to your heart priorities, to your authentic naturalness and your deep feminine wisdom, than now is the time to say yes! Come and experience what Feminine Soul Alignment can do for you!

With love, in beauty
Shekinah Leigh

Investment: $260

Please Note: This is also available as a 2 x 2.5hr Face-to-Face Personalised Workshop

Contact Shekinah 0416 376 951 or for more information