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Alissa Crafter from Artlis Studios

<Alissa is a single mum living and working on the Gold Coast. She has been operating her business “Artlis Studios” for over two years now. Her vision for this business is to encourage the next generation to think creatively, as there are few places that embrace and encourage unique expression within our society.

Alissa’s mini-artists are a varied group of characters, who all have amazing imaginations and proclaim themselves oddballs, weirdoes and crazies, with pride! She loves seeing how well they support each other and how they praise each other on jobs well done, in both creative aspects and general life achievements.

Offering in studio classes for afterschool mini-artists, and curriculum based mobile classes for homeschool groups, as well as supporting kids with Asperger’s and anxiety & learning difficulties, by providing private one on one lessons, Alissa has a variety of classes to suit most children.

hyfj5423This is a woman who LOVES her work, whether its witnessing shy kids bloom into artists with a voice, or being being able to dance and sing and play while showing her mini-artists that it’s absolutely possible to love your job.

Alissa Crafter is an Amazing Artist, Business Woman and Mother, creating a life that is alignment with her heart, by showing the kids of today, how to follow their dreams and live their truth!

For class timetable, bookings and enquires contact Alissa here!


Would you love to send your child to art classes but just can’t afford it at the moment?

Alissa gifts 2 spaces each term in the hope to reach some of the mini-artists out there who can’t access creative outlets for family financial reasons. Contact Alissa directly to find out more…


Spider Woman! (For all the Sagittarian / Capricorn Women)

Play with Fire - Kiss spiderOur life’s journey is full of patterns; some we dance mindfully and some are triggered unconsciously. Most of us get to a point where we realise our current patterns are no longer serving us and we are looking for a new way to experience our reality.

Some Native American Traditions believe that we are born into a particular “default” pattern and that there is a blueprint for each star sign, that we can work with, to change our dark “survival” patterns and start dancing in the light! I have overlayed these teachings with particular goddesses, that feel the most resonate to me and every month I will share a little about that Star Signs Goddess with you.

Each Goddess has an affirmation, essential oil, crystal, practice and ceremony that help to embody her energy into your life and for those of you who feel to dive even deeper, I have created an online immersion that supports you to delve into your dark pattern and discover your light pattern, so that you can unwind and then reweave, your life’s journey, for your own highest potential!

For the Sagittarian and the Capricorn Woman, your light goddess is the SPIDER WOMAN; this Native American goddess has an intrinsic understanding of patterns and timing, her power comes from within, as she is an ancient weaver of magic, creating the perfect tapestry of life with wisdom and care…

If you would like to know more, just follow this link “Awakening the Goddess”, or contact me directly.

Much Love
Shekinah xx

P.S. You can begin this immersion at any time 🙂