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The Science Behind the Power of Essential Oils

Women.I’ll start by throwing a little science at you!

Essential Oils are made up of molecules that stimulate tiny nerves that send an immediate signal to the Amygdala, which is the brains emotion centre and due to the small size of the molecules they are also easily absorbed by the skin. 

Essential oils have benefits that are up to 100 times more powerful than their dried herb counterparts because of their concentrated property.

There are 3 distinct ways to use the oils; by inhaling through the nose, absorbing through the skin, or ingesting, however only particular oils and only the best quality, therapeutic grade essential oils, can be used this way safely. Tests have shown oils reach the heart, liver & thyroid in 3 seconds when inhaled and they were found in the bloodstream in 26 seconds when applied topically. Essential oils can help support and maintain optimal health when used correctly. They can altar our physical, mental and emotional well being, creating more harmony as we negotiate life’s ups and downs.

One of the beautiful things about taking charge of your own health and well being, is in trusting your own intuition more, it is a powerful way to get more in touch with your feminine nature. Over the next while, I will be sharing products with you, along with guidelines on how to use essential oils effectively, however, when using anything on, or in, your body, you must take full responsibility for how you decide to use it, due diligence is paramount when using any product in such an intimate way. Please also know, that Young Living Essential Oils are the only company that I know of, that have Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ), approval on 33 essential oils for culinary use. So please don’t just go buying any oil off the shelf and using it internally, you must only use essential oils that have been approved and have a rigorous testing system!

Take some time to read the information provided in the links below and stay tuned for some great ideas on how you can use essential oils in your home! I know there are many of you out there who are looking for great CHEMICAL FREE ways of living.

Much Love


Please Note: You can join our YL team by yourself, or have a joint account with a friend or family member. We have a strong tribe of women working towards bringing more health and well-being into everyone’s lives with these products. If you would like to start a business and make money, while connecting and building community that resonates with your values and beliefs, than give me a call. We would love to welcome you into our team!

Shekinah’s Young Living Team

Ultimate Body Harmony Treatment

blue sunset tree ladyThis bodywork treatment, based on The Raindrop Technique™, uses a special blend of Young Living Essential Oils. These 9 therapeutic grade oils have been specifically chosen to work harmoniously together, balancing energy and reducing stress. It is an invaluable treatment for promoting health from within.

These pure oils combined with a gentle Hawaiian style massage will support you to come back to a place of harmony and well-being , on all levels.

The Benefits of Essential Oils: Essential Oils, are made up of molecules that stimulate tiny nerves that send an immediate signal to the Amygdala, which is the brains emotion centre and due to the small size of the molecules they are also easily absorbed by the skin…More on Essential Oils here!

$115 for a 1hr Treatment

  • RaindropPICBasil
  • Cypress
  • Marjoram
  • Oregano
  • Peppermint
  • Thyme
  • Wintergreen
  • Aroma Siez
  • Valor

Contact me if you would love to experience this beautiful treatment!

Much Love
Shekinah xx

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How Can You Know That You Are Getting The Best?

Essential OilHow Can You Know That You Are Getting The Best Quality?

In Australia there is no rating system for essential oils. The TGA do not have any requirement, as they do not regulate cosmetic labeling. All oils in the world however, fall into one of 4 categories. 

Grade A, Grade B, Grade C and Grade D

  1. Grade A is therapeutic, made from organically grown plants and distilled at low temperatures.
  2. Grade B oils are food grade but may contain synthetics, pesticides, fertilizers, chemical extenders or carrier oils.
  3. Grade C are perfume oils that often contain adulterated chemicals. They usually use solvents to gain a higher yield per harvest and may be diluted by 80-95 percent with alcohol.
  4. Grade D is called floral water, which is aromatic only and usually a by-product of Grade A distillation. It can often be labeled pure, even though it is just the “trash” water.

Grade A is the only true pure oil.

Before you purchase essential oils, check to see that the company grows their own plants, owns their own fields and controls the whole process from seed to seal. Seed to Seal means that every plant is hand-weeded, there are no pesticides used, no chemicals and no week-killers. The plants are harvested at their peek, and then they are put through rigorous testing processes. Pesticides, pollution, and previously farmed land – all of it can affect an essential oil.


How can other oil companies sell their oils more cheaply? 

If you spray your crop with pesticides, you have more crop to distill. If you use a chemical solvent to extract the oil, you pull more out. If you dilute with a cheap carrier oil, or synthetic alternative, you stretch out the oil. Most essential oils are sold more cheaply because companies cut corners.

Gary Young has said that he never makes oil for a profit; he makes it for a purpose. Seed to Seal is not a slogan, it’s a promise.


How Are Oils Made? 

It takes a great deal of work to produce a tiny amount of essential oil!

  • 60 thousand rose blossoms provide only 1 ounce of rose oil.
  • Lavender is abundant – 220 pounds will proved 7 pounds of oi.l
  • Jasmine flowers must be picked by hand before the sun becomes hot on the very first day that they open, making it one of the most expensive oils in the world!
  • A sandalwood tree must be 15 – 30 years old before it can be cut down for distillation.

A 5ml bottle contains about 90 drops and a 15ml bottle around 250 drops. Each application is only 1-3 drops, so a little goes a long way! Know your oils so the you an use them to best effect.



Join us here! Shekinah’s Essential Oil Team…

Please Note: You can join our YL team by yourself, or have a joint account with a friend or family member. We have a strong tribe of women working towards bringing more health and well-being into everyone’s lives with these products. If you would like to start a business and make money, while connecting and building community that resonates with your values and beliefs, than give me a call. We would love to welcome you into our team!


OmegaGize – Fish Oil, CoQ10 & Vitamin D

I’m about to start taking this supplement!OmegaGize

Not only do I need good quality fish oil for the Omega’s (so many store bought fish oils are already rancid – gross!), but I also need the Vitamin D. Most people are deficient in Vitamin D even with sun exposure, so supplements can be incredibly beneficial…

OmegaGize3TM combines the power of three core daily supplements—omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D-3, and CoQ10 (ubiquinone). These supplements combine with our proprietary enhancement essential oil blend to create an omega-3, DHA-rich sh oil supplement that may support general wellness.

The sourced omega-3 in OmegaGize3 is one of the purest fish oils available and is rigorously and independently tested to ensure that it is free of environmental pollutants.

CoQ10 is an oil-soluble, vitamin-like substance found naturally in all animal life. It is found in highest concentrations in the hard-working organs of the body—especially the heart, liver, and kidneys. As we age CoQ10 levels begin to decline, making it necessary to supplement. OmegaGize3 utilises bio- identical Kaneka Q10TM CoQ10, the highest quality CoQ10 in the world.

Who should use OmegaGize3?

• Individuals looking for added support for normal cardiovascular function
• Individuals who want to avoid DHA deficiencies and obtain the superior benefits derived from a comprehensive dose of a DHA/EPA supplement

Super easy to order, just contact me directly if you are interested xx

OmegaGize Product Info here!

Please Note: If you are not yet a member of Young Living Essential Oils, be sure to talk to the person who shared this with you, you will need their referral number to order…

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Building Community with Integrity & Authenticity

IMG_2506Good Morning Beautiful Women!

Following on from my last email, the first thing I would love to share with you is how important it has been to me, to find and connect in with my tribe. Now my tribe doesn’t all reside in the one place and they don’t all know each other. I have been someone who has always and continues to, dance on the edges of society and community. No one particular path, tradition or lineage has ever held my full attention and this, along with my deep introversion, has led me to be quite a loner.

My challenge on this healing journey has been to ask for help, to allow support in and to actively seek out those people who are family to me, regardless of who they are, or where they belong. This mindful seeking of community has been exhilarating and humbling, I have felt depths of gratitude and appreciation that hadn’t existed before. I guess it is only when you are faced with life changing circumstances, that you become more open to what could make life even better and more fulfilling…

Today I want to share with you my experience of community with essential oils. I did lots of research on essential oil companies and products before I decided on one. There are so many out there, with so many stories and so much information to sift through. My choices though, were made on quality and integrity, two of the most important things to me in life!

I have friends all using different essential oil products but for me, the best match was Young Living Essential Oils. Their commitment to plant purity and essential oil potency, through rigorous testing and quality control, as well as their “Seed to Seal” process resonated for me and my health. Little did I know, that when I signed up with this organisation over 2 years ago (and yes, I had to get over my resistance to MLM’s to do so), that I would meet an amazing group of women, many of whom have become close friends. The connection and support that we have, in our essential oil tribe, has been a huge bonus for me! The wealth of information and knowledge that is available through these women is incredible and I am very grateful that I attracted such an intelligent, authentic and fun group of women into my life!

So not only did I find a whole range of products to support my well-being, I also became a part of a new community. I certainly didn’t sign up to YL to begin a business, I just wanted access to the oils, at the best possible price. Now I use essential oils daily in so many different ways, for myself, my daughter and our fur family, I seriously couldn’t live without them now!

So, with all of that in mind, these are some of the topics I will be covering:

  • Mood Support
  • Pregnancy & Birth
  • Skin Health
  • Chemical Free living (cleaning products)
  • Energy & Health Supplements
  • Beauty Care
  • Animal Well-Being
  • Kid Care

And so much more!

So I invite you to join me as I share with you the many benefits on including essential oil products into your daily life. If you are anything like me, once you start, you won’t be able to stop!

Lots of Love

Sacred Feminine Practitioner
“Honouring the Feminine” through Holistic Care & Support

Find out more about Essential Oils here!

You can read more about the Seed to Seal Process here –

And For even more information check this out –

Sharing My Healing Journey With You…

IMG_0650Hello sisters….while everything I post is always personal, this one is taking it to another level. As an introvert I am always walking the fine line between being completely authentic and deep in my communication and sharing’s, whilst also wanting to protect my privacy and solitude needs…

These last 3 years I have been on an intense healing journey. It’s been such a voyage of discovery and as with most things in my life, I have needed to do it in the ways that felt right to me. There have been so many different opinions, all taking it to the extremes in any direction you can imagine. It can be incredibly confusing and overwhelming trying to negotiate an illness where everyone is an expert and everyone has their own ideas on what works and what doesn’t. The gift of this situation is that I learned that I had to be able to trust in myself, in my body, in my own intuition with whatever it was that I chose to do, or not do to. I can honestly tell you that no-one has agreed with ALL of my choices so far!

This health journey has opened my mind so much to different ways of living, things I never would have done if I didn’t have a life-threatening illness. The motivation that this dis-ease has brought into my life; to live with more integrity, mindfulness and well-being has been enormous and like I said, I have made changes across the board, that I wouldn’t have been able to commit to, if not for this situation.

A large part of my experience has been becoming more and more discerning with what I put on and in my body. I have no choice but to go for the highest quality products, whether it’s house cleaning, beauty regimes or health treatments. My search for purity has led me towards many awesome products and even though, as an introvert, I can find it uncomfortable to do so, I have committed to sharing some of this valuable information with you all. From Women’s Health, Children’s Well-being, Animal Care, Energy Supplements, Beauty Treatments, Emotional Release, Mood Support and so much more, it would be remiss of me, not to share the wealth of knowledge that I have been accumulating during my personal healing Sadhana*.

So many of you have shown me incredible love and support during this time and I truly appreciate it. This is one way that I can give back to each of you, by sharing what I have learned, so that you can trust your own intuition and use the information in whatever way resonates best for you.

Please feel free to ask me questions regarding anything that I am sharing and posting, I am here to help and support you in whatever way I can.

Sending you all so much love

Shekinah Leigh
Sacred Feminine Practitioner
“Honouring the Feminine” through Holistic Care & Support

* Sadhana – dedication to learning something