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An Introduction to Essential Oils Spring Gathering

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 1.53.05 PMI have been looking for an excuse to get some of my favourite people together and hang out. I’m also up for meeting new friends and connecting in with like-minded women.  So please come and hang out, enjoy some tea as we learn, explore and share ideas about healthy alternatives in every day living.

From Chemical Free Cleaning, Kid Care, Animal Care, Women’s Wellness and so much more. Each month we will share on a different topic. Please feel free to contact me if there is a particular subject you would like to know more about. I have put up a poll on the FB event page, so you can also let me know that way.   Your input is valuable to me!

Hoping to see you there, for Tea, Nibblies and Sunshine…

Lots of Love

FB Event – An Introduction to Essential Oils

My Life Threatening Hero’s Journey…

Ancient water magicThis year I was diagnosed with breast cancer….

I have been hesitant to share this information with the world, mainly because I am usually a very private person, and also because I am still travelling through the aftermath of the experience. I also don’t need a whole lot of people feeling sorry for me, or thinking of me as a cancer victim, because I’m not, this has actually been one of the greatest gifts of my life. However, my work always, always, stems from my life experiences and as far as life experiences go, this one has been one of the most transformational for me! So it seems important to share with you the catalyst for all of this change.

I can’t pretend it’s been easy, the most profound experiences often aren’t. I have had to face my mortality, seriously wonder what would happen to my daughter if I wasn’t here to care for her, decide whether this life was really worth living, face my unhealthy lifestyle choices and make some hard calls about who and what, I want in my life, regardless of whether it’s a short one or a long one.

Along with all that, I have needed to trawl through the unending contradictory information regarding cancer causes, treatments and options. Often times I have had to defend my “not mainstream’ choices to others, many of whom have never researched cancer in depth, for themselves or for someone else, some of these people are authorities in their field and they can’t do anything except follow an outdated protocol, they are unable to discuss anything besides the “protocol”. So through all of this, one of the main things that I have learned is that there is NO ONE WAY to care for yourself after receiving a cancer diagnosis. If there was, it would be called a CURE and everyone would follow it and no-one would feel absolutely scared shitless when they were told they had it!

This is what many don’t realise, that there isn’t a formula to follow, regardless of what some doctors, surgeons, friends, or family say and like those other transformational “hero journey’s” in life, the best you can do, is follow what feels right for you, knowing that you have done it your way, in alignment with the knowledge that you have gathered, as it has resonated for you.

“Nothing is set in stone and sometimes options that were a NO, become a YES later on.”

One of the things I have been most grateful for, has been those people who have supported me, regardless of whether they agreed, or even understood the choices that I was making. Some of those people have surprised me with their generosity, as in my experience, not everyone can be supportive of life or death decisions, especially when they don’t agree with them.

So this last year (and the preceding couple of years) have brought great change… the catalyst of which was this final diagnosis. I have drastically changed my diet, I have re-prioritized my work choices, I have purposefully let go of toxic relationships, I have re-adjusted my parenting beliefs & behaviours, to serve my health more sustainably, I have been motivated to re-wire my brains pathways to allow for more joy & happiness, but most importantly I have made a conscious effort to move away from the stress, fear and worry that I had found myself so constantly in, as a single mother trying to be everything to my daughter, as well as run a business, negotiate an intimate relationship and experience “more” in the world. I realised beyond a shadow of a doubt, during one of my deep depressions at this time, that happiness was an inside out job, one that required more than just a ‘gratitude journal’, or more ‘positive thinking’. It needed to come from a committed and disciplined connection to myself, to my inner being, to the spiritual side of me that knows life is more than just this physical, tangible reality that we can see, feel and touch. I had to not just be self-responsible (I was all over that already), or have a higher sense of self worth, I needed to learn how to self-nurture, I needed to learn how to BE more, how to soften more (even when I was scared), I needed to learn how to let go of fear, how to trust in myself and in the big picture, I needed to start living life for me!

And so that is what I am doing now and contrary to many’s beliefs, this doesn’t mean I have had to neglect or abandon my responsibilities, or my family. It just means that I needed to re-negotiate according to boundaries that supported me to be the best me that I could be; it’s actually of benefit to all of those who love me and wish to be in relationship with me. It also has the added benefit of getting rid of those who don’t respect or care for you, win/win!

So all that I am sharing now is from this new and deeper perspective of healthy mind, body and soul. All that I am sharing now, has no “fluff” attached to it, not that it every really did. I desire for all of my experiences to be meaningful and beneficial. When I share products, it’s because they have worked for me, when I share articles on parenting, relationships, cancer or health & well-being, it’s because they resonate with me now. When I share my treatments, it’s because I believe in them and the fact is, I always have, but there is an even deeper awareness now, a blending of more worthwhile elements to create a more powerful space for healing and well-being.

It’s important to understand though, that what works for me, might not necessarily work for everyone. You are the best gauge for what you need to do, or not do. I will never pretend to be an expert on health, or parenting, or cancer treatments, because I know that it is such a personal journey for each and everyone of us. I have never actually felt comfortable being an ‘expert’ on anything because I have known that everyone’s knowledge, comes from their own very unique life experiences and while many of our situations overlap, or seem similar, the way that you have travelled through them, is distinct to you. I do however realise that I may have deeper knowledge and embodied wisdom in some areas, because of what I have experienced and in these cases I love to be able to share, help, support and create space for others to find more joy, meaning and fulfillment in their lives. I don’t share to give my ego a pat on the back, I’m doing it because I care, because I believe we are all here to help one another and I am doing that in the only ways I currently know how to.

So thank you to all of those beautiful beings who have been by my side, had my back and put their hands up as being a part of my intimate tribe. I value your insights, presence, love and care. We all have our hero’s journeys to traverse, they are all relevant, valuable and worthy, we all deserve support as we move through them. They don’t need to be life-threatening to change your world, they don’t need to be life-threatening to be worthy of the deep feelings you are experiencing. We are all having our own human experiences and they are all valid, there is no need to compare, or judge….we are all in this together.

Sending you all lots of love
In Beauty

Learning Self-Love for Health & Well-being

This is what I have been discovering about self-love.

It’s different to self-care or self-responsibility. It’s not just the bubble baths, or affirmations, or eating wIMG_2463ell, sleeping enough, or creating down time. It’s about finding out what makes you happy, its about finding the softness in life, in your life, the moments of exhale, of sighing, of relief and wonder and joy.

It’s about not comparing yourself, your life, your choices, your priorities to other peoples. My daughter and I have gone without a lot, but we are rich in connection, love, respect, authenticity, integrity and honesty. I don’t need to be famous, I don’t want everyone talking about me, or looking at me. I just want to live my life aligned with my soul, with my inner being that KNOWS who I am and what makes me happy.

I don’t need massive achievements, or to even be a success with my daily to-do list. I want to enjoy the simple pleasures. A cup of tea in the morning, in the sun, with my cat. A laugh with my daughter at our favourite TV show. A well-made chai and a chat with someone I care about. Creating, designing and bringing more beauty in. A private spontaneous lounge room dance to whatever is rocking my vibration. A job that helps others connect to themselves and supports me financially with all that I need and desire….

It’s not much and yet it’s everything. It was the softness between that I denied myself as I was rushing, struggling, achieving and surviving. There was no time for it in the push against exhaustion and single mothering and getting ahead. It took serious illness to force me to re-evaluate life. To realise I couldn’t work harder than I had been and that there had to be a better way to find joy in life. I felt if I dropped the ball for even a second we would fail, I would fail. That if I stopped, I would crash and burn and so I just had to keep going. It wasn’t until I realized that I had already crashed and burned, but I just hadn’t been paying enough attention to that fact, that I finally got it!

I want ease, peace, harmony, gentleness, abundance, connection, love, support and meaningful relationships with everyone who is in my life. I want intimacy, soul stories and space to just BE in this life. I realized that if I was going to stay alive, then I wanted to be happy in it, because another decade, or two, or three of struggle, disappointment and survival, was just not enticing enough to stick around for.

I realized that being happy could only ever be an inside out job and that I had to prioritize my own happiness, my own pleasure, my own joy, because it really is no-one else’s priority. I get to choose what makes me happy and I get to do it. Regardless of whether others agree, disagree or couldn’t give a shite. Regardless of whether others want to call me selfish, weak or not good enough and that’s a big one for a mum. Most of us striving to put our children’s needs first, keep them healthy, happy and well adjusted. Sacrificing and compromising to give them what they need and want and then realizing that perhaps that’s coming at the expense of our own health. Perhaps we don’t need to do as much, give up as much, sacrifice as much….perhaps society has it wrong, perhaps the older generation that guilt trips us for wanting our own lives, for needing to pursue our own happiness outside of our children, has it wrong. Perhaps the best thing we can do for them, besides loving them and taking care of important needs, is showing them how to live a fulfilled and happy life. Not how to compromise and sacrifice yourself to death but how to love and care and nurture our own needs, wants and desires, because let’s face it, where else will they learn this self-love, if not from you? How else will they learn it, if not by seeing you live it?

Sending you all lots of love…
Shekinah x

Holistic Health For Children (with essential oils)

IMG_5890If you are anything like me, you are in love with essential oils. Not because it’s the latest fad but because you have deep respect and trust in Plants and you know that essentials oils are the easiest, most convenient way to access the potent essence of a plant.

One of the things many of us discover when we decide to use alternative therapies for our well being, is that we become fully responsible for our choices and experiences. Our society encourages and sometimes demands, that we give our power away, to doctors, governments, schools and so on, beginning right from birth and it can take a lot of courage to choose something different. Sometimes we can feel forced or bullied into making health decisions that don’t feel right and that are based on fear, or a lack of unbiased and up-to-date information. One of the things that I have learned on my health journey, is that only YOU can really know what you need and what will work for you, it is great to get expert advice from those you trust and respect, however when it comes down to it, you are the one that has to live with your choices, you are the one connected to your intuition, to your inner being and you are the one who always wants the best for you and your children, with no hidden agenda.

The time will come, if it hasn’t already, where you are wanting to use the oils for all sorts of things, especially for your kids well-being. Children respond really well to EO’s and they don’t need as much as most adults do. It’s usually a good idea to dilute your chosen essential oil in a carrier oil though, or diffuse it, if in doubt. I have attached a handy information booklet below, so check it out for more guidelines.

Most of us know that a holistic approach to life is the healthiest way to be. I know you care about your children more than just about anything else in the world and like me; you want to minimize hardship, without undue stress or drama. I have had great success using essential oils in my family and so I have compiled a list of my favourite oils for kids here, for you.

  1. Stress Away – This is our go-to oil. My girl has had a history of feeling overwhelmed and this oil calms her straight away! It’s light and sweet and most kids love it.
  2. Joy – Kids feeling a bit grumpy or low? Joy will shift it! This is my daughters absolute FAVOURITE!
  3. Peace & Calming – This has the same effect as stress away, with a slightly deeper scent it’s a great one for Mums and Kids.
  4. Di-Gize – we use this one all the time, I have also been told that Juva-flex is a favourite alternative for many kids.
  5. Purification – Great for bad smells and clearing the space for optimal well-being.
  6. Thieves Inspired by the legend of four 15th-century French thieves who formulated a special aromatic combination composed of clove, rosemary, and other botanicals used while robbing the dead and dying, Thieves is one of Young Living’s most popular products. This is the most used oil in our house!
  7. Brainpower – Kids feeling sluggish, or have an exam or important assignment due, this is the one to use!

Take a look at this guide for “how to” use information, it’s an awesome resource for serious oilers! 

You can also check out these article links for more information.

“Moms nurture their kids in every way—mentally, physically, and emotionally. They’re the all-purpose, everyday fixer of problems big and small. From an upset tummy to a broken heart, Dr. Mom™ is there to care, comfort, and cuddle whenever it’s needed.” –

And for even more information, listen to this podcast: “Have you had a moment as a parent where you’ve paused because you weren’t sure about using essential oils with your kids? If so, this episode is for you. There is a lot of conversation around this topic and we wanted to join. “

If you haven’t realised it yet, essential oils are more than just a pretty smell! They are an awesome chemical free replacement for household cleaners, beauty treatments, culinary additives and personal fragrance’s, they are natural, beautiful and powerful!

Would you like to be able to buy the BEST Therapeutic Grade essential oils at 24% off every time? Contact me now to open up your own Wholesale account; it really is a one-stop shop for all your household needs.

Much Love
Shekinah x
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