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Pre-Blended Massage Oils (which is your favourite?)

massageoilsOver the last few months I have been quietly acquiring the range of pre-blended massage oils from Young Living.

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are a part of every massage I do now. Whether its the Ultimate Body Harmony Treatment, Sacred Deep Release, or just a normal massage, I have been using singles and blends that resonate with each client. Some of you will already have experienced these delicious oils but for those of you who haven’t seen me lately, it could be time you made an appointment to get back on the table. I am happy to take requests if there is a particular massage oil here that feels like a YES to you! These pre-blended massage oils make it even easier for me to support you; body, mind and spirit.

Ortho-Ease Massage Oil

I have a range of potent massage oils that I use in my treatments, one of my favourites is Ortho- Ease. With a powerful blend of Wintergreen, Peppermint, Juniper, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Thyme, Vetiver and Marjoram it helps soothe and warm a tired and stressed body, helping to combat the damaging effects of everyday activities. With a calming blend of essential oils, Ortho Ease will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Relaxation™ Massage Oil

This soothing essential oil blend combines the scents of Lavender, Tangerine, Coriander, Ylang Ylang, Peppermint, Coriander Seed, Bergamot, Geranium and Spearmint for maximum relaxation, it promotes tranquility and eases tension to restore vitality.

Dragon Time Massage Oil

Recommended for both young and mature women, Dragon Time™ Massage Oil is specifically blended with the calming and relaxing aromas of Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage, Jasmine, Yarrow and Fennel.

Sensation™ Massage Oil

This oil inspires the senses and encourages feelings of romance and youthfulness. This special blend of vegetable and essential oils leaves skin feeling smooth and soft. Sensation™ Massage Oil is a blend of Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Coriander, Geranium, Bergamot and more…

Cel-Lite Magic™ Massage Oil

This oil tones and nourishes the skin with pure vegetable oils, vitamin E and essential oils. Grapefruit oil improves skin texture, while Juniper oil helps cleanse. It also includes Cedarwood, Clary Sage and Cypress.

It is such a pleasure for me to be back massaging, it is truly an honour to be a part of nourishing and nurturing the women who come to me for treatments. Whether it’s TLC, general maintenance, well-being support, emotional release, or a special gift, you will LOVE an Hawaiian Style Massage Treatment!

In Beauty

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Massage Is Vital To Your Health & Well-being!

Screenshot 2017-08-18 09.24.22I was reminded again today, of how important massage and Bodywork really is.

Too often we think of it as this special luxury we can only have every now and then, however across the world and throughout hundreds of cultures, societies and traditions, massage is not seen as a luxury but a necessity!

The fact is, each of us hold, suppress and lock down energy, situations, experiences and trauma in our body. Regular massage, especially during highly emotional times, can really help you to move through life more efficiently and effectively, without having to hit overwhelm or breakdown first. If anything, massage is designed for those of us who don’t get to frequently indulge in luxuries, we are the ones who need this healing touch the most. 1 hour of massage has been shown to be the equivalent of 7-8 hours of sleep, that alone makes it worthwhile, especially to all of those sleep deprived Mum’s out there!

I have also been having incredible success with my new emotional release treatment. It’s helping to bring balance, focus and clarity back into women’s lives. Massage really is one of the only experiences that you can have, where you can fully receive, allowing your body to completely relax and let go. Women need this, busy women need it even more!

Call me if you would like to know more, or if you are ready to book in for your own personal slice of heaven!

In Beauty & Integrity
☾Shekinah Leigh ~ Honouring the Feminine
“Sacred Feminine Practitioner”

My Inspiration, My Why & My How!

back tattoo sunshine copy w quoteAs a single mother and business owner, I have spent years putting myself last, pushing through and being strong.

Women are such givers and too often we put ourselves last. I understand how important it is for each of us to have safe spaces to relax, release and rejuvenate in.

We are sensitive, intuitive and innately connected to our emotions, we take on so much and I believe it is important for us to have opportunities to connect back into our own softness, beauty, compassion, love and vulnerability. This is when we are most in our divine naturalness and it makes it so much easier for us to relate from the heart and hold space, for our friends and family, in beauty. It is my passion to honour and support women to know and trust themselves from the inside out.

The treatments that I provide blend nurturing bodywork, powerful essential oils and insightful moon astrology.

  1. Massage; it is an incredible healing modality that helps the body and mind release pent up tensions and traumas, eases physical aches & pains, and provides deep relaxation.
  2. Essential oils; they are the most potent part of the plant. They have benefits that are up to 100 times more powerful than their dried herb counterparts because of their concentrated property and have been used for thousands of years with enormous success! I use only the best quality essential oils in my treatments.
  3. Goddess Moon Astrology; these readings help to bring into awareness, important energies that can be embraced, shifted or released.


This powerful blend of massage, essential oils and moon readings, really takes my treatments to a deeper level, creating more opportunities for change and transformation!


There are various ways that I structure my treatment/s;

  • Goddess Moon Astrology – Based on your birthday, we can discover what energies are at work in your life right now and choose essential oils and affirmations, that support you in the moment.
  • Ultimate Body Harmony – Designed to support healthy immunity, perfect for the changing seasons, or if you have been feeling run down.
  • Sacred Deep Release – Created to support deep emotional release, for well-being and transformation.
  • Pregnancy Massage – To ease aches & pains, and establish a deeper bond, between Mother and Baby.
  • Post Natal Massage – Supporting mothers to integrate and heal, from their Birthing Journey.
  • Goddess Moon Massage – Combining Moon Astrology with Kahuna Massage, for a powerful treatment, designed to meet your immediate needs.

My work has grown in depth and breadth over the last 12 years and I am proud to be offering such a diverse and effective range of treatments, to support women to come back to themselves, more easily and beautifully.

If you would like to experience more of your beautiful self, give me a call to book in your delicious treatment of choice, right now!

Much Love

Shekinah Leigh
“Sacred Feminine Practitioner”

Does This Scare You, Or Make You Uncomfortable?

If you are anything like me, when you read, or see, or hear the word MLM, you immediately switch off or lose interest. The thought of them may give you that icky, someone’s trying to sell me something, can I even trust my friend anymore, feelings…I know, I get it, I have been a reluctant convert and certainly not to all MLM’s, as they aren’t all coming from a place of integrity. It is always so important to do your homework, to research the company, to make sure that you love and believe in the product and that you pay attention to the kind of people who have come before you, in the same business. Chances are, if the business is full of people you admire and like, then it’s probably a good match for you!

I have learned something new recently, something really powerful about the nature of multi level marketing, or network marketing. I had already seen the Rise of The Entrepreneur movie  and I learned that in our day, age and society, MLM’s are actually a really sustainable way forward but that didn’t quite do it for me. This is what did it…

“When you buy from a friend, family member, or community member who runs a local business, whether it is a part of an MLM or not, you are directly supporting them and their family. You are putting food on the table, petrol in the car and clothes on their backs.”

It’s really about supporting at the local level.

If you choose to join a business through MLM, you can be joining a community of local people who are committed to supporting and growing each other towards more health and success. To me that’s what life is all about; connecting, supporting and growing, with integrity and authenticity. I really desire to support my local community by purchasing local whenever I can, so that I can support Mum’s and Dad’s to provide for their families, just like I am. When we are in business together, we hold each other accountable, we create sustainability, and we make the change we want to see in the world. THIS is what finally convinced me that some MLM’s really are the way forward in business…

Also, for me, I get to express myself, I get freedom, I get flexibility, I get to connect with people I want to. My clients, customers and team members are all people I like and WANT to spend time with and for me it’s authentic, because I would never be offering, or using a product, that I didn’t have 100% faith in and the people who know me, know that about me. This isn’t about making money, no matter what; this is about sharing what works, with people I care about, in ways that feel natural to me.

What are your thoughts on MLM’s?

In Beauty & Integrity
☾Shekinah Leigh ~ Shekinah Leigh “Honouring the Feminine”​
“Sacred Feminine Practitioner”