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This is the place where I support other women who are “Honouring the Feminine” through the work that they do. If you would like to be a FEATURED GODDESS, than contact me at

In Beauty
Shekinah Leigh

Shivjyoti from Shivoham

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 12.22.31 PMPlease Welcome Our FEATURED Goddess for March!

Shivjyoti is one of Australia’s most highly trained, authentic Yoga and Meditation teachers and a long time friend. She is Director of Shivoham, dedicated to sharing the Yoga science of wellbeing; ancient and transformational, it offers everyone a path to inner fulfilment.

Ever since I have known her, Shivjyoti has always inspired her students to practice Yoga as a series of techniques that unfold our inner qualities. Her Spiritual Master taught her that spirituality means activity and creativity, that it is not a passive or temporary journey, rather it’s about handling situations with intelligence and dynamic clarity, affording the most positive outcomes in everything. Her dedication to her path, saw her initiated as a Swami in 2013 and driven by the possibility of transformation through Yoga and Meditation, she has been recognised by the Indian Consul and was invited to meetings with the Indian Prime Minister and to represent Australia at International Yoga conferences.

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 12.21.49 PMShivjyotu is a gifted speaker who blends the ancient wisdom of the sages with the demands of our daily life, to truly reveal a path of physical, spiritual and intellectual health. 

Check out her beautiful website for classes, retreats and Mala’s…

Meditation Course
May Retreat

Alissa Crafter from Artlis Studios

<Alissa is a single mum living and working on the Gold Coast. She has been operating her business “Artlis Studios” for over two years now. Her vision for this business is to encourage the next generation to think creatively, as there are few places that embrace and encourage unique expression within our society.

Alissa’s mini-artists are a varied group of characters, who all have amazing imaginations and proclaim themselves oddballs, weirdoes and crazies, with pride! She loves seeing how well they support each other and how they praise each other on jobs well done, in both creative aspects and general life achievements.

Offering in studio classes for afterschool mini-artists, and curriculum based mobile classes for homeschool groups, as well as supporting kids with Asperger’s and anxiety & learning difficulties, by providing private one on one lessons, Alissa has a variety of classes to suit most children.

hyfj5423This is a woman who LOVES her work, whether its witnessing shy kids bloom into artists with a voice, or being being able to dance and sing and play while showing her mini-artists that it’s absolutely possible to love your job.

Alissa Crafter is an Amazing Artist, Business Woman and Mother, creating a life that is alignment with her heart, by showing the kids of today, how to follow their dreams and live their truth!

For class timetable, bookings and enquires contact Alissa here!


Would you love to send your child to art classes but just can’t afford it at the moment?

Alissa gifts 2 spaces each term in the hope to reach some of the mini-artists out there who can’t access creative outlets for family financial reasons. Contact Alissa directly to find out more…


Featured Goddess Josie Doolan from Expressions of the Goddess

11984361_10152969260011846_1783768018_oFEATURED GODDESS Josie Doolan is an artist, medicine singer and homeschooling mother of two, she lives in the Byron bay hinterland with her beloved and their two beautiful boys.

Josie painted my gorgeous “Goddess Medicine Wheel” for my Motherhood Journey work and I have also had the pleasure of attending one of her “Clay Priestess” workshops. I am no artist but her easy guidance helped me to create a beautiful goddess sculpture all by myself, it was fun, creative and therapeutic! She is an incredible artist and passionate advocate of the feminine…

“The Goddess is on the rise! I know it! I feel it and see it every day- in the mirror, in my soul and in the eyes and spirits of all the women around me, I see her presence effecting change in the media, in the children, in the men, in the culture,……I firmly believe that as women rise up and remember the truth of who they really are, the life giving, powerful, beautiful nurturers of life and love and the soul realms, as we reclaim ourselves as the keepers of sacred wisdom and creation…..the world is healed and changed…subtly at times, but tangibly nonetheless ….I paint to express my own journey back to my deep feminine heart…..I paint to honour and normalise womens bodies, the large, the emptied, the impregnated, the too thin, the small, the “out of proportion” the saggy breasted, the small breasted, the large thighed truth of what we are, I paint to honour it, I paint to normalise it, I paint to revel in the beauty of it!…….I paint to inspire other women, to remind other women and girls- and men! of the beauty and sacredness the colorfulness and softness, the boldness and depth, the connection and authenticity, the power and the stillness of the mother goddess, the maiden, the crone, the child, the sisterhood and the sheer soul healinThe Goddess Birthing Journey Small Copyg powers and beauty of women and of our glorious mother earth and the magnificent beauty of her natural creation which is so clearly our own essence and reflection…”

Josie runs women’s clay priestess sculpture workshops and womens medicine circle retreats around the Byron shire and up and down the east coast of Australia…she sells prints on paper/canvas and clothing and originals and loves doing personailsed commissions!

Contact –
Website –
FB – Expressions of the Goddess

Featured Goddess Keri Krieger

MJP_KK-0992Featured goddess keri krieger

I have had the divine pleasure of experiencing Keri’s famous “Rockupuncture” treatment. It was so delicious and it was particularly lovely meeting another beautiful soul sister!

Keri is an acupuncturist life-coach and passionate advocate of women creating the life of their dreams without hitting burnout!

Translating the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine into modern language Keri coaches women through big transitions in life and mentors other health practitioners on how to create a thriving practice. With almost 20 years in the wellness industry Keri can be found contributing regularly to health mags traveling the east coast of Australia with her Rockupuncture™ modality and treating at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat. In her down time she’ll be hanging at the beach with her Westie Ruben.

You can find her at or lets be honest on instagram posting pics of her dog!

Klara Jones from “Klara Belle”

10393888_951733281504095_7471232416346413078_n_fotorThis weeks FEATURED GODDESS is Klara Jones from Klara Belle Designs!

Klara creates beautiful one of a kind pieces made from pre loved doilies and vintage fabrics. She wants to empower women, to embrace their individuality through her clothing and share her passion for “fashion meets art” with the world. Klara hand makes each and every one of her creations and pours her heart into each piece.

Klara belle is where art meets fashion, where vintage meets chick, where a woman meets her inner goddess.

Founded by Klara Jones in 2008, the Klara Belle doily revolution continues to enchant and captivate. Each design, a collaboration of countless hours of intricate patchwork and crochet. Each piece, a unique treasure to be owned by one, yet revered by many. Owning your own Klara Belle creation says to the world. I am strong, I am feminine, I follow my own path, I am gorgeous!!!

Specialising in unique wedding dresses, custom designs and accessories, Klara Belle will never be found on the shelf of your local boutique clothing store or online market for mainstream consumption. Private, custom orders and fittings apply only.

Shoshana at “Aspiral Design”

307777_177756728985964_952358314_nThis weeks FEATURED GODDESS is Shoshana at Aspiral Design!

Create a colourful world!

Shoshana Fitzgerald is a colourful creative mother. Inspiring the young and young at Business Cardheart across South East QLD with her fun and interactive Tie Dye Workshops. Shoshana uses her own unique hand made non toxic dyes to brighten our world and brings passion , smiles and rainbows where ever she goes.

P7050711My daughter and I have had such fun and created such beautiful items of clothing with Shoshana. Definitely check out her FB Page to see where her next workshop is at! She also does kids parties and other events, it’s a great idea for kids young and old!

Lindy from “Gypsy Vibes”

Screenshot 2015-02-02 12.12.37Week 3 of our FEATURED GODDESSES!

This weeks LUSCIOUS lady is one of those women that was a SOUL SISTER from the moment I first saw her! Lindy Simms is the Goddess behind GYPSY VIBES. Her vision is to bring together a community of like minded souls with the intention to build personal growth and pure happiness. Gypsy Vibes is IMG_20150201_193231all about laughter, sharing, drumming, yoga, dancing throughsoul nourishing workshops, retreats and events.

Gypsy Vibes is running a beautiful women’s event in Burleigh on Saturday the 7th February – check out the Event Page below for more Info!

FB Event Page –

Dana from “Breathe Massage Meditation Movement”

Screenshot 2015-01-19 07.28.26Week 2 of our “FEATURED GODDESSES”!

This week Dana from “Breathe massage meditation movement” is in the spotlight.

Dana has been dedicated to the healing arts for many years and is a qualified yoga instructor, therapeutic and thai yoga massage therapist. She is passionate about authentic self awareness and the remembering and reintegration of the divine feminine.

Show your support for this beautiful woman and check out her FB Page today!

Casey at “Funky Forest Health & Well-being”

10001258_644915465556177_914261401_oweek 1 – the 1st of the featured goddesses!

Where I showcase 1 woman, her business, or an organisation, to be illuminated for ALL to see!

Casey Conroy is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, yoga and AcroYoga teacher, and naturopath-in-training who loves raw chocolate and schisandra berries in her green smoothies. She is the founder of Funky Forest Health & Wellbeing on the Gold Coast, and advocates a practical, fun, and pleasurable approach to nutrition and wellbeing.

Casey is running some amazing things, including a Yoga & Women’s circle on the 23rd January at the Gypsy-Garage at Miami.

So take some time to check out what Casey is offering and help us to support the women, who are supporting YOU! 

Featured Goddesses!

profilelove copyGood Morning Sisters!

One of my New Years resolutions is to support the SISTERHOOD more, in the work that they are doing, to “Honour the Feminine” and to create more understanding and acceptance in being WOMAN!

Many of us are doing similar work and others are providing very different services, however ALL of us have our unique gifts that we bring to the teachings, practices and experiences that we share with the women that we work with. What we offer will attract different women, at different times and I LOVE that we are all awakening and embracing our divine feminine goddess energy, in ways that bring more EASE and GRACE into all of our lives!

One way I am choosing to support my sisters, is by featuring one woman’s business, group, or organisation, every week, on my Website and Facebook Page. If you would like to be a part of this Sisterhood Circle, where we support one another to be the best that we can be and encourage success in ways that fill our hearts and souls, than please feel free to email me at or text/phone on 0416 376 951. A brief summary (25-50 words) on the work that you are doing, or the service you are providing, would be wonderful!

Feel free to pass this onto any women, that you know, are working towards creating more BEAUTY in their own lives and in the lives of those that they work with.

In Beauty
Shekinah Leigh

To stay in the loop, join the sisterhood –