Teachings, Teachers and Life Experience

The teachings and learnings that I have experienced and drawn upon through life and in my work are too numerous to mention. Anything, or anyone, that I have ever had contact with, throughout my life, will have its own thread in what I offer and it is not always possible to single out ideas, thoughts, practices and teachings and credit them to any one person or group. However, where this is possible, I will do so, to the best of my ability.

Here are just some of the teachings I have been exposed to in my adult life:

Native American Teachings & Ceremonies

As apprenticed with the Sweet Medicine Deer Tribe, teachers include Kristin Viken, John Ardagh, Batty, Mukee Okan, Razel Wolf and Sonia Western

  • Chuluaqui Quodoushka Sacred Sexuality Workshops level 1, 2 & 3
  • Shamanic Dearmouring
  • Healing ceremonies in varying roles including drum chief
  • Ceremonial journeys and deep nature teachings
  • Sweat lodges (Purification Lodge)
  • Rites of Passage and Initiation Ceremonies
  • Dance Chief for Sweat Lodge (personal)

Yogic Teachings and Traditions

  • Tigress yoga workshops with Devashi Shakti
  • Yoga teacher training with My Health Yoga
  • Pregnancy and Post Natal Yoga teacher training with Samadhi Family Yoga

Hawaiian Shamanism and Philosophies

  • Rites of Passage in Hawaiian Shamanism
  • Leadership & Facilitators Training at High Spirits
    Hawaiian shamanism & philosophy through Mette’s Institute
  • Numerous books by Serge Kahlil and Dan Millman on Ancient Kahuna Wisdom and Teachings

Feminine/Masculine dynamics & Principles

  • Womb of Power with Kristen Viken
  • Jade Moon/White Tigress Taoist workshop with Amara Charles
  • Women’s workshops & circles with various facilitators
  • Women’s Mysteries rites of Passage
  • Relationship workshops with various facilitators
  • David Dieda Teachings
  • Alison Armstrong’s “Understanding Women”
  • Jade egg workshop, book and teachings
  • Inanna online Sadhana with the Awakening Women Institute
  • So many books on Tantra, intimacy, solitude, orgasm, relationships, men, women and more
  • Co-ordinator for the Women’s Electoral Lobby in Qld
  • Support worker for the ‘Women’s Legal Service’ in Brisbane


  • Birthing from Within (BFW) introductory workshop, BFW Childbirth Mentoring program & certification, BFW advanced retreat with Virginia Bobro.
  • The Birthing from Within book and the labyrinth of birth book by Pam England.
  • Numerous books by Sheila Kitzinger, Sarah Buckley, Ina May Gaskin and many others
  • Maha Al Musa’s “Dance of the Womb” workshop, book and DVD.
  • Pregnancy and Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training with Samadhi Family Yoga

Massage & Bodywork

  • Certificate IV in Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Aromatherapy and Reflexology Bodywork with Massage Schools of Qld
  • Kahuna / Lomi Lomi Massage and Polynesian floor work, Levels 1 – 4, including pregnancy massage, with Mette’s Institute.
  • Hot Stone Massage Certification with Holistic Massage Therapies
  • Reiki


  • Journey of Young Women Mentoring Certification
  • Volunteer for Youth Wellbeing Project
  • Blue Card Holder
  • Attended “Empowering Youth in Sexualised Culture” 1-day Workshop


  • South American Based Shamanic teachings and ceremonies with Dan I el Cloud
  • Taoist Teachings by various facilitators

Are you ready to “Honour the Feminine” in your life!