Your immersion has really helped me battle through past births, forgive and feel peace. I’ve been able to see where I’ve had unreasonable expectations of myself and of others and I have found such peace & forgiveness which has once divided families. I will be revisiting your emails time after time. My children have also enjoyed your stories and when I’ve been too tired to read them, we’ve listened to them and fallen asleep. Thank you so much for providing us with such wealth! – Clare


Shekinah is a therapist of therapists! Her knowledge, bodywork, craft-womenship, and skill is of high quality. My experience with her has always been phenomenal. She ‘knows’ the exact location of disharmony within my body whether it is caused by physical, mental or emotional stress.  As a registered midwife & body worker of 15 years I can also highly recommend Shekinah for essential pregnancy pampering and massage. Anyone who receives bodywork from her will be experiencing a massage of a lifetime. It will be one that you’ll never forget and will leave you coming back for more!  –  Rachel


What you do is wonderful; your course enlightened me and enabled me to move past many issues. Your work has made me realise many things about myself and the plight of women in general. I am becoming a gentler, kinder and happier woman because of the ways your work has helped me to view things differently. I wish I lived closer so I could be involved and learn more. Thank you so much Shekinah. – Julie    


I have been getting massages regularly for the past fifteen years due to some injuries and stress.  When I first came to Australia ten years ago it took me quite some time to find someone really good, so I went to quite a few.  But after my first massage with Shekinah, I was hooked.  She is, quite simply, the best.  I regularly go to her since I can rest assured that it will be a great massage.  She intuitively knows just the right pressure (even if its hard and deep) to release deep-seated tension. Or, if I just need to relax, her Kahuna massage is fantastic.  I noticed that after her massages, I feel not only relaxed physically, but I feel lighter and more energetic for days.  All in all, getting a massage from Shekinah is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.  Better yet if someone gives it to you!  –  Sirrah

    Emma 5-stars– You know those women who support you in your unravelling?Who make you feel deeply grateful they’re apart of your life?Who offer selflessly, a secure place to bring to light what your body has been harbouring and what it desires most, right now! Those women who leave you feeling blessed to be a woman? Yep! Me too! And I was fortunate to share time with my massage therapist today and this is one of those powerful women I’m talkin’ ’bout! 

    Darci 5-stars– Super nurturing massage. Highly recommended for pregnancy

    Lauren 5-stars– A massage from Shekinah takes you to another place. A magical experience every time. She has helped me with both physical & emotional issues. I always walk out feeling Amazing. I highly recommend her to anyone!



    Kylie – Psychologist

    My goodness, that reading was so spot on – wow! Thank you, I am so grateful, it was incredible to me how clear and accurate this moon reading was. There were aspects of my life that I was able to fully understand after receiving it, things that I hadn’t even spoke to other people about and was still processing myself. This moon reading really helped me put the past into perspective and to see how far I had come and most importantly it showed me that I am right on track, that I am right where I am meant to be.

    Jay – Healer

    Wow it’s pretty f*#king amazing! It’s gold! That sums it up perfectly for me. Totally resonates. Love it!

    Novai – Mother & Personal Assistant

    Very spot on and also encouraging for me to look to the future in a new light and letting go of my old belief systems, especially in relation to work and my time and facing this with no guilt! Lots of love and appreciation.