Shekinah Leigh

Shekinah Leigh

Authorised Marriage Celebrant * Kahuna Massage Specialist * Shamanic Practitioner * Rites of Passage Facilitator

Providing Services and Ceremonies to Support Transformation from Within

Shekinah is a Kahuna Massage Therapist, Civil Marriage Celebrant, Shamanic Practitioner and Rites of  Passage Facilitator. She provides Massage, Bodywork, Weddings, Sacred Ceremonies, Shamanic Healing and specialised ‘rites of passage’ events, programs and workshops to support change and transformation from within!

Weddings and Ceremonies

Creating Unique Weddings and Ceremonies

Shekinah Marriage Celebrant

Elopement Ceremony

Want something short and sweet without losing the romance? Elopement ceremonies are the quick and simple way to marry your beloved without any fuss!

Shekinah Marriage Celebrant

Sand Unity Ceremony

The meaning is simple and beautiful: two becoming one. The couple mix two different colours of sand into one container, symbolising their lives and hearts entwined.

Shekinah Marriage Celebrant

Water Unity Ceremony

Instead of coloured sand, some couples choose to substitute coloured water. You can customise your colours to symbolise something unique to your ceremony.

Shekinah Marriage Celebrant

Stone Ceremony

This is a fantastic way to involve all of your guests within the ceremony. Each stone represents a special blessing or wish that the couple can reflect on as a life-long keepsake.

Shekinah Marriage Celebrant

Cultural Ceremony

Whether you would like to include traditional rituals or cultural symbols, this is the perfect way to add depth and meaning to your ceremony. I am open to discussing all options!

Shekinah Marriage Celebrant

Handfasting Ceremony

Handfasting (or tying the knot) is one of the oldest wedding traditions and is the symbolic act of a couple's hands being tied together with cords or ribbons, representing their union.

Massage and Bodywork

Providing Nurturing and Transformational Bodywork

Shekinah Kahuna Massage Bodywork

Kahuna (Hawaiian) Bodywork

This Therapeutic and Nurturing Massage provides deep relaxation and tension release

Shekinah Kahuna Massage and Hawaiian Bodywork

Emotional Release Kahuna Bodywork

Blending Kahuna Bodywork and Essential Oils, this treatment helps release negative or overwhelming feelings providing emotional harmony

Shekinah Kahuna Massage and Hawaiian Bodywork

Body Health Kahuna Bodywork

Blending Kahuna Bodywork and Essential Oils this treatment is perfect for when you are feeling physically rundown or exhausted

Shekinah Kahuna Massage and Hawaiian Massage

Pregnancy and Post Natal Massage

Ease away pregnancy aches and pains while creating a deeper bond with your baby. Return to self by integrating and healing from your birth experience

Shekinah Kahuna Massage and Hawaiian Massage

Shamanic Bodywork

Create deep and lasting transformation by removing deep-seated emotions that are stored in the body allowing you to break free of old patterns

Shamanic Energywork

Providing Deep and Lasting Soul Transformation

Shekinah Shamanic Healing, Journey, Energy Work

Shamanic Energy & Journey Work

Transcending the mundane and supporting deep healing by uncovering core issues on a soul level

Shekinah Shamanic Healing, Energy, Journey Work

Soul Transformation Package

Providing extensive Shamanic Energywork over 4 in-depth sessions, including guided journey's to connect with your own personal animal soul tribe

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