Authorised Marriage Celebrant * Intuitive Healer and Shamanic Practitioner * End of Life Celebrant

Providing Alternative and Spiritual Services and Ceremonies

Shekinah is a Civil Marriage Celebrant, Shamanic Practitioner, Rites of  Passage and PSCYH-K ® Facilitator. She provides Weddings, Sacred Ceremonies, Shamanic Healing, Energy Psychology, Holistic Counselling and specialised ‘Rites of Passage’ events, programs and workshops to support those on a spiritual or mindfulness path.

Incorporating the Sacred into Every Ceremony

elopement ceremony

Legals Only

Not interested in the fuss? Just want to marry your beloved in the simplest way possible? Available Monday-Thursday, say the words, sign on the dotted line and voilà, you're married! Just you, me and the witnesses...


Gold Coast Marriage Celebrant

Simple and Elegant

Would you like something short and sweet without losing the romance? If you are wanting an elopement experience, or micro wedding, keeping it small and intimate, this is the one for you! 5-20 people.


Gold coast marriage celebrant

The Works

Wanting your wedding to be the whole shebang? Inviting everyone you love for the most epic party ever? This is a once in a lifetime experience, let's give your wedding all the bells and whistles. Nothing is too weird or wonderful!


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Psych-K and Shamanic Healing

Divine Alignment Body, Mind and Soul

psych-k facilitator

Realignment Session

Bring awareness to those areas that are holding you back. Let's bring your conscious and subconscious into alignment so that you can live your best life! PSYCH-K® balance.

shamanic healing gold coast

Shamanic Healing

Face to Face and Distance Healings available. Transcending the mundane and supporting deep healing by uncovering core issues on a soul level

shamanic healing and psych-k

The Complete Package

Blending a PSYCH-K® balancing session with Shamanic healing and clearing. This complete package covers all the bases. Great for a deep change and transformation!

psych-k balance

Shamanic Teachings

Programs and Packages that incorporate Shamanic Tools, Techniques and Practices...

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