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Shekinah Leigh

Honouring the Feminine

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  • The Science of Emotional Healing (Part 2)
    We’ve covered a lot of the Science and the Biology of Emotions in Part 1, now lets gain a deeper understanding of how Massage and Therapeutic Touch can heal and transform… The body is the gateway to the mind and there are now a whole lot of studies that show the benefits of touch. Because […]
  • The Science of Emotional Healing (Part 1)
    Would you like to demystify science and take back control of your own health? Lets take a look at how the dualism of body and mind first came about, explore the effect of emotions on our physical health and discover simple ways to bring our mind, body and spirit back into alignment so that we […]
  • Shekinah Leigh ~ Marriage Celebrant
    Marriage, Wedding & Funeral Celebrant (Gold Coast | Brisbane | Byron Bay) I have been running my own business on the Gold Coast for over a decade! I have always loved supporting people through their transformational or ‘rites of passage’ experiences. From Weddings and Commitment Ceremonies, to Baby Namings and Blessingways, I am passionate about […]
  • Mummy Guilt
    Originally posted with Guilt Free Mummy In early 2006 as I embarked on a new career path I found out that I was pregnant. The timing was terrible as my partner and I had just decided to separate, the following months were an emotional rollercoaster as I made choices about my future, trying to incorporating […]
  • Are Introverts Really Thriving with Social Distancing?
    This Introvert says YES! For the last few days I have been musing about introversion. I even mentioned to a friend that I may find it even harder after the social isolation ends because for me it has been lovely to have space when I am out in public. The extra consideration being shown by […]