profilelove copyGood Morning Sisters!

One of my New Years resolutions is to support the SISTERHOOD more, in the work that they are doing, to “Honour the Feminine” and to create more understanding and acceptance in being WOMAN!

Many of us are doing similar work and others are providing very different services, however ALL of us have our unique gifts that we bring to the teachings, practices and experiences that we share with the women that we work with. What we offer will attract different women, at different times and I LOVE that we are all awakening and embracing our divine feminine goddess energy, in ways that bring more EASE and GRACE into all of our lives!

One way I am choosing to support my sisters, is by featuring one woman’s business, group, or organisation, every week, on my Website and Facebook Page. If you would like to be a part of this Sisterhood Circle, where we support one another to be the best that we can be and encourage success in ways that fill our hearts and souls, than please feel free to email me at or text/phone on 0416 376 951. A brief summary (25-50 words) on the work that you are doing, or the service you are providing, would be wonderful!

Feel free to pass this onto any women, that you know, are working towards creating more BEAUTY in their own lives and in the lives of those that they work with.

In Beauty
Shekinah Leigh

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