Dear Parents (of Girls & Young Women)


Group of happy children playing outdoors – Version 2Our girls are not little kids anymore (I’m sure you’ve noticed), but not teenagers yet and they certainly are not adults (even though they may seem like it at times!).

We have an opportunity now, during this transition period to lay down the groundwork, to lay down a strong foundation that leads them (and us) into the teenage & adult years together, hopefully in a way that opens up and strengthens the lines of communication and connection. Not just between parents and children, but also amongst their peers, because let’s face it, that’s who they will be getting a lot of their social cues from over the next few years and if we can know that the ‘circle of friends’ our daughters are mixing with, are mature and supportive, it can make all the difference as our children grow up.

Knowing that our girls have been taught how to trust their own intuition and growing wisdom is also another important piece of their evolution. As they get older they must make choices on their own and while we guide them to the best of our ability through words and actions, it helps to have another thread weaving through the tapestry of learning. A thread that shows them how to be self-responsible with the choices and actions they make. That is why this course will be fun, educational, deep, light and everything in between.

It is true, that sometimes the girls might get challenged, that’s a part of it, making them question past behaviours and beliefs, so that they can choose something different next time. A little discomfort also helps us learn safe and effective conflict resolution practices. It’s also possible that we will be covering subjects that have not been spoken about much at home, perhaps you, as parents, will be triggered by some things that come up? That is what the FB group and our face-to-face meetings will be for, so that we are moving and growing along with our girls, remaining on the same page (as much as possible), as we all negotiate these interesting times ahead.

These Shakti circles will discuss puberty, body image, health, well-being, relationships, sexuality, bullying, acceptance, individuality, mystery, ceremony, art, journaling, craft and so much more. This is an holistic experience for our girls, a chance to push past some of the comfort zones, an opportunity to approach some taboo subjects but all in a safe, confidential and judgment free environment.

The integrity of our circles is paramount to the success of this course. We aren’t just talking about a casual, or fluffy extra curricular activity here. We are actively preparing our girls for puberty and adulthood, in a way that challenges but supports them to unlock and embrace who they are as girls and young women.

As the girls come together in circle, learning to trust one another and themselves, you as parents will be holding an even wider circle of safety and support for them, as it is with you that they will be exploring these issues with, in every day life. I am here to support you as much as them, because together we are building a healthy community for our daughters to become women in.

Please contact me if you have any questions at all. I would love to hear from you.

Much Love
Shekinah xx

P.S. Available for Home School Groups during the week as well!

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