EMPOWERing the Feminine

Feminine Devotional E-Book & Poster

Over 7 weeks we will explore each of the dynamics of EMPOWER and how we as women can harness these energies to bring us back to ourselves in every moment of every day. The BEAUTY of this course is that it comes straight to your inbox in an E-Book format, so that no matter whether you are at home, work or on holidays, you can participate freely and easily in this devotional practice.

I know that as women we don’t need ONE MORE THING to have to fit into our already overburdened schedule. This course is designed to clarify and enhance what you are already experiencing in your day to day life. It has been created to make life EASIER, not more difficult.

Who we are isn’t separate from where we are, or what we are doing. Waiting until we have FREE time, before we commit to diving deeper into ourselves is pointless. We learn as we live, we grow as we experience and what is happening in life is always a perfect reflection for what is coming up for us in any particular moment.

It is important to acknowledge that, as with anything, you can only get out of it what you are willing to put into it. So I would encourage you to commit to the practice to the best of your ability.

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Start implementing this simple formula today and watch how your life begins to unfold with more ease, grace and beauty as you naturally shine your divine feminine essence into your world!

Are you ready to “Honour the Feminine” in your life?

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