Shekinah Leigh – Honouring the feminine

“Your immersion has really helped me battle through past births, forgive and feel peace. I’ve been able to see where I’ve had unreasonable expectations of myself and of others and I have found such peace & forgiveness which has once divided families. I will be revisiting your emails time after time. My children have also enjoyed your stories and when I’ve been too tired to read them, we’ve listened to them and fallen asleep. Thank you so much for providing us with such wealth!” ~ Clare


“What you do is wonderful; your course enlightened me and enabled me to move past many issues. Your work has made me realise many things about myself and the plight of women in general. I am becoming a gentler, kinder and happier woman because of the ways your work has helped me to view things differently. I wish I lived closer so I could be involved and learn more. Thank you so much Shekinah.”  ~ Julie

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