Honouring the Feminine through Kahuna Bodywork

Blending Hawaiian Style Bodywork (Kahuna) with deep & soft tissue massage, this treatment is designed to relax, release and re-energise you, body, mind & soul…

Acknowledging the natural ebb & flow of a woman’s physical, emotional and spiritual cycles can be frustrating and overwhelming if we do not value our divine feminine nature. Women are receptive beings, we are sensitive to our environment and as we push ourselves daily to constantly perform and achieve we are doing our loved ones and ourselves a disservice.

Women need time to just be, to open, to receive, to soften and to expand. We need to give ourselves permission to come back to our heart priorities so that we can move through life with more ease and flow, effortlessly sharing our unique gifts with those we love as we continually reveal more of our authentic radiant essence to the world.

It is time, to relax into pleasure, to let go of stress and to come back to your true self…

Shekinah Leigh Kahuna Bodywork

Your treatment is guaranteed to be one of the best you have ever received!”

To make a booking for your Kahuna Massage Treatment call 0416 376 951 or email she@shekinahleigh.com.au

Are you ready to “Honour the Feminine” in your life!


Available Treatments:

Shekinah Leigh Kahuna Massage and Hawaiian bodywork

With over 13 years of certified Massage & Bodywork experience, I am an expert in my field.​

Shekinah Leigh

Sacred Feminine Practitioner

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