I originally created “Honouring the Feminine” for women, because through my own feminine experience, I saw how so many women were struggling, trying to stay in a ‘Yang’ mode, in their lives. This unnatural way for so many women, effects not only themselves but the quality of the relationships that they are having with their loved ones as well. This western world is definitely set up in a way where activity, achievement, doing-ness, busy-ness, pushing and striving, are the valued dynamics within the human race. This can, a lot of the time, work much better for men than women, as testosterone helps to drive this forward momentum. For women to match this constant “ON-ness”, they usually have to overuse their adrenals for increased cortisol production, which in the long run can lead to illness, chronic fatigue and burnout…

However, I acknowledge and respect that all humans, both men and women, have the masculine and the feminine within them and that it is just as important for men to learn how to honour the feminine within themselves, so that they can not only embrace all of who they are, in the fullness of their being, but also be able to understand and support the feminine within their loved ones and the wider community.


“It is important for all of us to learn how to be, how to stop and relax, how to take downtime when we need it and to learn how to be open to receiving, without needing to perform in return.”


With this in mind, I will happily provide Nurturing Hawaiian Massage Treatments for men who are in integrity. I trust that men who feel attracted to this work, will already have an understanding that the services that I provide are sacred and that these treatments are offered with love and connection but are in no way sexual in nature. 

If you are a man who is ready to embrace more of your feminine nature, or who deeply feels the need to be seen and held in sacred space, or if you know of a man who is ready for this, than please contact me, I would love to hear from you.


Shekinah Leigh  
Honouring the Feminine (In Men & Women)

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