Goddess Moon ReadingsDo you know which goddess represents where you are in your life right now?

Would you like to know?

With a Beautifully Wild Goddess Moon Reading, you can find out which goddess embodies the energies that you are working with in your life right now!

There are so many goddesses depicted throughout history, all representing different facets of the feminine, from Kali the destroyer of Ego, to Aphrodite the goddess of love. As we travel through the wheel of life, we naturally move through different aspects of ourselves and for a few months at a time, we have the opportunity to embody the Goddess, which symbolizes and represents that which is moving through us, on an energetic level. I have found this process, of acknowledging these specific goddesses, to be incredibly valuable in understanding and integrating my life lessons and gifts, as I naturally flow from one chapter in my life’s story, to another.

This blending of ancient wisdom teachings creates a profound and comprehensive view of your life; past, present and future, so that you may reveal a deeper level of yourself, as you dance this life journey.

For a Goddess Moon Reading contact Shekinah on 0416 376 951 or email she@shekinahleigh.com.au…

$50 for an in-depth reading emailed straight to your inbox
$20 for a 1/2hr Skype or Phone follow up (for questions and clarification if needed)
$15 for a personalised ritual/ceremony that will support you in your current life stream

Please Note: I do provided Personalised Ritual/Ceremony Packages upon request. They consist of: a crystal, an essential oil, a candle, a written ritual/ceremony and a totem. They can be posted within Australia. The cost is approx $45 + Postage.

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  1. Shekinah


    Oh my goodness, that reading was so spot on – wow! Thank you, I am so grateful, it was incredible to me how clear and accurate this moon reading was. There were aspects of my life that I was able to fully understand after receiving it, things that I hadn’t even spoke to other people about and was still processing myself. This moon reading really helped me put the past into perspective and to see how far I had come and most importantly it showed me that I am right on track, that I am right where I am meant to be.

    Kylie – Psychologist

  2. Shekinah

    Wow it’s pretty f*#king amazing! It’s gold! That sums it up perfectly for me. Totally resonates. Love it!

    Jay – Healer

  3. Shekinah

    Very spot on and also encouraging for me to look to the future in a new light and letting go of my old belief systems, especially in relation to work and my time and facing this with no guilt! Lots of love and appreciation.

    Novai – Mother & Personal Assistant

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Medicine Wheel Astrology

Medicine Wheel Astrology Readings are a simple but profound way, to understand and negotiate, the intricacies of your life’s journey by using Feminine Archetypes that naturally resonate with your divine essence.

Just as nature, the seasons, the tides and the moon have their natural cycles, so do you, endlessly moving through a beautiful and natural progression, of different energies, at different stages of your life.

While I will use your birth date as the catalyst, these readings are based on Ancient Wisdom Teachings and Earth Based Spirituality, which is very different to Western Style Astrology. 

Medicine Wheel Astrology gives a clear and accurate reflection of where you are on your “Wheel of Life” and can pinpoint what you are working with right now, as well as revealing the recent past and looking forward to what is to come. You will discover the particular energies and issues that are flavouring your life, allowing you to make more discerning choices, on how you would like to move forward, into deeper alignment with yourself…

$30 extra as a part of any massage treatment…

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  1. Hosting

    Including one or more in your ceremony helps to focus your guests’ thoughts on love and marriage. This is just a small sample of excellent readings.

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