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What you can Expect


Elopement Ceremony


stone bowl purple

Stone Ceremony


water heart purple

Water Ceremony


bride-purple flowers

Handfasting Ceremony


purple sands copy

Sand Ceremony


henna purple

Cultural Ceremony


I would love to help make your special day run as smoothly and as easily as possible. Here are some of the things that I will support your with as you plan your Wedding:

  1. Phone Call, Initial Meeting or other contact to see if we are a good match
  2. Wedding Planner Guide Book (Gift) 
  3. Completing the NOIM – Notice of Intended Marriage
  4. Organising all legal documents for before and during the Wedding Ceremony
  5. Apply for a Standard Marriage Certificate (Only required for name changes)
  6. Submitting all legal documents after the Wedding Ceremony
  7. Discussing ceremony styles and wording
    • What Rituals you may like to include
    • VIPS who may want a special part
    • CustomThemes
    • Poems / Readings
    • Music
  8. Support with writing your vows (if needed)
  9. Write and create the Wedding Ceremony 
  10. Provide the necessary items (as discussed) for the Ceremony of your choosing
  11. Provide an opportunity for a Rehearsal Wedding Ceremony 
  12. Ongoing support and contact throughout the process
  13. Support on the day
    • sharing special announcements / logistics
    • helping guests on arrival
  14. Provide a High Quality PA System and microphone (if required)
  15. Provide a Table and Tablecloth for Document signing (if required)

**Please Note: The Elopement Ceremony may not include all of the above

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