Shekinah Leigh – Honouring the feminine

Pregnancy as a “Rite of Passage”


Have you heard of the 4th Trimester or Babymoon? In many cultures this is the time, after the birth of a baby, where a Mother is supported to rest, bond and complete her transition from Maiden to Mother with the support of her family and community. It is a time of integration when a woman, a mother, can not only heal physically but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually after being broken wide open in the raw, wild, chaotic and vulnerable journey of birth…



Shekinah Leigh runs her own business on the Gold Coast facilitating Weddings and Ceremonies, Women’s Groups & Workshops and providing Bodywork & Self Study Courses for honouring & activating the divine feminine essence in all women. She is a certified Marriage Celebrant, Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Childbirth Mentor and Young Girls ‘Coming of Age’ Mentor, with many years of experience facilitating Women’s Circles, Women’s Rites of Passage, Sacred Ceremony and Birth Work. Shekinah is a dedicated explorer of the feminine and holds a strong and safe space for transformation & healing to take place at a deep & cellular level. By integrating her chosen paths of Hawaiian Shamanism, Native American Medicine Teachings and the Ancient Yogic Traditions, it enables her to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to healing our relationship with the feminine. As a Mother, Lover, Daughter & Friend, she understands the many challenges that face women today. She is completely devoted to supporting women to access, embrace, embody & shine as a radiant and sensual woman every day and through all phases of life…

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