The Motherhood Rite of Passage Program


Do you feel confused and frustrated that your birth didn’t go to plan?

Would you like to gain a better understanding around what happened?

Would you like to resolve the trauma once and for all?

This is exactly what The Motherhood Rite of Passage program is designed to support you with…

Lets heal the wounds so that you can come back to a place of peace and happiness, fully appreciating your Birthing Journey, while feeling connected, calm and confident!


How to heal from a difficult birth and release your trauma with self love…this is a program for all mothers, especially those who have had a challenging birth experience.

This Program Includes

  • PDF Activity Sheets ($80)
  • Access to 8 Learning Modules ($280)
  • The Story of Inanna’s Descent ($15)
  • Poems and Songs to Inspire You ($50)
  • Information on Supportive Essential Oils ($100)
  • Heart Healing Meditation and Art Therapy ($35)
  • Free Facebook Community for Full Support ($150)
  • Ceremonies and Practices to Help Along the Way ($100)


Why this Program?

The Benefits


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