Reclaiming the WILD FEMININE


Beautifully Wild 2Are you ready to reclaim your wild self, that untamable, beautiful, mysterious woman?

I love ritual and ceremony. They have been a part of my life for decades now. From the very first time that I created sacred space for myself, I have been hooked on the deep connection that it brings to my life. Celebrating everything from the changing of the seasons, to major life transitions, I find them incredibly grounding and powerful practices, to blend into my spiritual path.

Do you celebrate your milestones? Do you acknowledge transformation and change? Would you like to discover a deeper way to connect to yourself and life?

Rituals and ceremonies are, for me, the simplest and most beautiful way to do this. It is also an incredibly feminine way to weave yourself into the natural flow of life.

Ceremonies can be small & subtle, or big and profound. They naturally connect you to self and spirit, allowing you to gain more clarity and insight on who you are and what you need, to continue transforming and evolving on your journey of human beingness.

Rituals are sacred practices. From meditation, to smudging. From chanting, to journaling. A ritual helps you stay connected to your spiritual path. They support you to embody your truth, allowing for a clearer and cleaner energy flow, in your life. Ceremonies performed regularly, become rituals…

Beautifully Wild Rituals and Ceremonies has been created to connect you to the divine. That part of you that is soul, that is spirit, that knows with a wisdom that has been gathered throughout the ages. Personalised ceremonies can be designed to support you through life changes, major events, and seasonal transformations, or to help you ground your “Goddess Moon Reading”.

Available rituals and ceremonies:
• Dark Moon
• New moon
• Full moon
• Autumn Equinox
• Spring Equinox
• Winter Solstice
• Summer Solstice
• Goddess Moon reading

Intuitive ceremonies/rituals can also be created, for any personal need/desire, or transformation, that you are experiencing in your life. Contact me for more information at

Packages include: essential oil, candle, written ceremony/ritual, crystal, symbol/image/totem…
$45 + Postage

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Kahuna Massage Specialist * Civil Marriage Celebrant * Shamanic Practitioner * Rites of Passage Facilitator Shekinah Leigh runs her own business on the Gold Coast providing Kahuna Bodywork, Sacred Ceremonies, Shamanic Energy Healing and Rites of Passage programs. Integrating her chosen paths of Hawaiian Shamanism, Native American Medicine Teachings and the Ancient Yogic Traditions, Shekinah holds a strong and safe space for transformation & healing to take place at a deep & cellular level. “I have learned that it can be through embracing our darkest nights and greatest fears that we experience our greatest gifts…”

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