From Burnt Out to Blissed Out in just 6 weeks!

Return to Love

Feeling burnt out and exhausted?

Frustrated and at breaking point?

Keep putting everyone else first?

Finding yourself being triggered more easily, or feeling short tempered? Getting mummy guilt because you’re yelling at the kids more? Thinking you’re a terrible parent or partner?

Our plates are so full these days there is just no way that we can meet the needs of everybody else and then find the energy to meet our own needs too. Emotional labour is a real thing and most women carry the burden of this emotional labour not just for themselves but their partners, friends and family.

That’s where I come in! I know what it feels like to struggle through those days, to feel like you’re doing it on your own, perhaps even feeling a little resentful at the amount of work there is to do day after day. Maybe even slightly pissed off that you’re always the default person when it comes to holding space for others.

I know that over the years when I’ve felt overwhelmed or gone deep down into depression, it has come from that feeling of overwhelm, knowing that I just can’t keep doing it all day after day with no end in sight. A long tunnel that seems like it has no light at the end of it. For me, it wasn’t until I had to face a chronic and potentially fatal diagnosis that I realised how hard I had been pushing myself. Nobody can stay healthy when they’re running on adrenaline and that’s what happens when we don’t make time to stop.

However it’s about more than that. We must also find ways to relax and soften and receive. Speaking as a highly sensitive person and empath, I know that caffeine; alcohol, sugar and other drugs are not a long-term plan when it comes to health and happiness. I have had to find other ways to support myself; my body, mind and soul and I’ve now spent more than a decade gathering together feminine teachings and practices that support women come back to a place of relaxation and emotional well-being.

The world needs strong and healthy women, happy Mothers and happy lovers, and this is what I support you with. Bringing you back to yourself, back into your truth, reconnected to your feminine intuition and innate body wisdom. 

This 6 week Return to Love program can help you go from feeling unfulfilled to absolutely fabulous so that you can trust yourself and your intuition and reclaim your full feminine power!

The Benefits

It has been proven that regular massage has a positive cumulative affect that is sustained over time, enabling a healthier body and mind over the long term…once every two weeks is ideal for keeping muscle tissue pliable and in good shape.

This Program Includes

Come and work with me in the Return to Love program where you will go from burnt out to blissed out in just 6 weeks! Actually you can feel good straight away!

How it Works

The Return to Love Program incorporates 3x Sessions over 6 weeks (one every 2 weeks). 

1st Session (2hr): In-Depth Consultation, Medicine Wheel Reading, Chi Machine and Shamanic Energy Clearing, Intuitive Kahuna Massage, Power Animal Retrieval.

2nd Session (1.5hr): In-depth Consultation, Chi Machine and Shamanic Energy Clearing, 1hr Intuitive Kahuna Massage.

3rd Session (1.5hr):In-depth Consultation, Chi Machine and Shamanic Energy Clearing, 1hr Intuitive Kahuna Massage.


“Shekinah is a therapist of therapists! Her knowledge, bodywork, craft-womenship, and skill is of high quality. My experience with her has always been phenomenal. She ‘knows’ the exact location of disharmony within my body whether it is caused by physical, mental or emotional stress. As a registered midwife & body worker of 15 years I can also highly recommend Shekinah for essential pregnancy pampering and massage. Anyone who receives bodywork from her will be experiencing a massage of a lifetime. It will be one that you’ll never forget and will leave you coming back for more!” ~ Rachel

“A massage from Shekinah takes you to another place. A magical experience every time. She has helped me with both physical & emotional issues. I always walk out feeling Amazing. I highly recommend her to anyone!” ~ Lauren
“You know those women who support you in your unravelling? Who make you feel deeply grateful they’re apart of your life? Who offer selflessly, a secure place to bring to light what your body has been harbouring and what it desires most, right now! Those women who leave you feeling blessed to be a woman? Yep! Me too! And I was fortunate to share time with Shekinah today, she is one of those powerful women I’m talkin’ ’bout!” ~ Emma

It’s time to Return to Love!

Lets shift those physical and emotional blocks so that you can come back to your natural and effortless self and live your life with purpose and passion! 

Who am I?

I’m Shekinah Leigh and I run my own business on the Gold Coast called “Honouring the Feminine”.

I am a certified Massage Therapist, Shamanic Practitioner, Marriage Celebrant, Yoga Teacher, Childbirth Mentor and Young Girls ‘Coming of Age’ Mentor, with many years of experience facilitating Women’s Circles, Rites of Passage, Sacred Ceremony and Birth Work. 

I have spent the last 2 decades diving deeply into sacred teachings, as well as raising my daughter as a single Mum, thriving through my breast cancer journey and running my own business supporting women. It’s been a juggle to say the least, however during this time I have learned so much about self-love and self-care which has allowed me to weave together the best parts of the sacred work that I have embodied and now offer it to you!

I believe that transformation comes from within and I love to help people become more conscious of their personal story, supporting a deeper exploration and awareness of self, so that YOU can live the life that brings you joy and ease, in alignment with your Soul’s purpose! 



  • Sessions need to be booked in fortnightly over 6 weeks.