How can we help our girl’s transition into Adulthood?

Are you looking for a way to help your daughter honour and celebrate her maturing self? Is your daughter feeling stressed out and overwhelmed? Is her changing body feeling like a burden instead of something to honour and celebrate? Has she just begun menarche and you would like to help honour this milestone? Is she becoming obsessed with how she looks, instead of enjoying how she feels, the blessing of being healthy and whole? Has it been too long since you saw your daughter light and happy?

Rites of Passage have been a part of society forever. Many young adults these days do not get an opportunity to even acknowledge their growing bodies and maturing minds, let a lone a chance to mindfully celebrate what they are moving into, whilst honouring and letting go of, what they were.

Kahuna massage has been used as a ‘rites of passage’ transitional tool for centuries. The nurturing touch, with loving intention, blended with a safe and sacred space, help to ground and integrate the many changes that are occurring during this time. Massage helps to balance hormones and creates a sense of well being, something that your child may feel has been missing for too long!

So many of our daughters are missing out on this transitional stage, bogged down with chores, homework, after school jobs, exams, friendship dilemmas, boy issues and what can seem like endless screen time. They are being pushed to do and achieve so much more than many of us ever were at their age, with more responsibilities and less freedoms. When do they ever really get time for some TLC and nurturing?

If you are looking for a way to celebrate your daughters maturing body and mind, if you are desiring to honour your daughters transition from child to adult, if you would like to support her to be more in her body, creating an opportunity to tap into her own intuition and wisdom, than this is the treatment for you! Bodywork is an incredible gift to young women, allowing a chance for deep relaxation during their busy and ever-changing lives…

Contact Shekinah for more information and to book your daughter in for this beautiful gift of love now xx

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