Sacred Deep Release

Designed for DEEP Emotional Re-balancing, this treatment supports you; body, mind and spirit, to let go of negative emotions, so that you can come back to a place of harmony and well-being.

Combining the Feelings” range of essential oils, from Young Living, along with Release Techniques, Sound and Hawaiian Style Massage (Lomi Lomi), this nurturing bodywork helps Forgive, Release, Strengthen, Harmonise and Balance. Whether you have a long-term experience or a one-off situation that is leaving you feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, this treatment creates opportunity for change and transformation!

The Benefits of Essential Oils: Essential Oils, are made up of molecules that stimulate tiny nerves that send an immediate signal to the Amygdala, which is the brains emotion centre and due to the small size of the molecules they are also easily absorbed by the skin…More on Essential Oils here!

  • Valor
  • Release
  • Forgiveness
  • Inner Child
  • Harmony
  • Present Time
  • Plus a couple of extra’s to meet YOUR specific needs…
Young Living Independent Distributor

Treatment Options: 

1) For an emotional crisis a one-off treatment can be incredibly beneficial to help release and recover from the influx of overwhelming feelings… 

2) For pre-existing emotional trauma, we recommend a series of 3 treatments, within 30 days, to help let go of old patterns and establish increased well-being. A reduced price of $500 applies, when 3 Treatments are booked together, within 30 days of each other…research points towards it taking a minimum of 21 days to change a habit, or shift a pattern and this 30 day treatment package is designed to help you create a foundation for lasting change, by supporting the body/mind to let go of and transform emotional blocks, trauma and imbalance, so the nervous system can reset for optimal wellness….

These are some situations that can benefit from a DEEP Release Massage;

  • Family Visits
  • Birthday’s
  • Anniversary’s
  • Bereavement
  • Moving House
  • Divorce

Call, email or send me a message to discuss the options for your perfect treatment!

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