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We have an opportunity now with the SHAKTI Girls program, during this transition period between childhood and adulthood, to lay down the groundwork and foundation that leads all of us into the teenage & adult years together, in a way that opens up and strengthens the lines of communication and connection.

Knowing that our girls have been taught how to trust their own intuition and growing wisdom is an important piece of their evolution. As they get older they must make choices on their own and while we guide them to the best of our ability through words and actions, it helps to have another thread weaving through the tapestry of learning. A thread that shows them how to be self-responsible with the choices and actions they make. That is why this course will be fun, educational, deep, light and everything in-between.

We will cover so much in our SHAKTI Girls program, here are a few things we will touch on;

We also have an online FB group, for parents to connect and communicate throughout the course. I am here to support you as much as your daughters, because together we are building a healthy community for them to become women in…

Please contact me for course times and any other questions you may have. These groups are currently being run in after school hours, however I am also available for Home School Groups, during the week.

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