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Shakti Girls

From the Girls...

"I found the SHAKTI Girls Circles interesting and beneficial. The things we learnt prepare us for high school and help the group be mindful and respectful. I've made so many friends and I really like being able to talk with girls that sometimes have the same struggles that I do"
Kiarah Shakti Girl
"My favourite thing was learning about different cultures and how they transition or celebrate puberty and coming of age"
"I liked learning about good food to eat and how to get prepared for puberty"
"My favourite thing was learning how the cycle of periods work and how we can prepare for it"

More Feedback...

  • Loved the whole thing!
  • My favourite thing was Love Languages
  • I liked learning about how menstrual cycles work and ways to deal with emotions
  • I liked learning about healthy boundaries
  • My favourite thing was learning about consent
  • It was great!
  • It was an amazing day with lots of fun!
  • Everything was amazing!
  • My favourite thing was learning about emotions

From the Parents...

"L is stoked to have joined the SHAKTI Circles; she has been sharing her learning with her close friends and family. Thank you for bringing your light into the world! "
"Thank you so much for giving these girls this special opportunity."
"Amazing achievement and gift you are bringing to the beautiful young women of the world."
"Thank you for holding space for them. They learnt a lot"
"My girl absolutely loved it! Can’t wait to hear more about it in her own time."
"Thank you for today, for inspiring my angel."

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