Shamanic Healing

"The feeling of the drumming in my heart was intense but immediately shifted me into a different reality and that sound stayed with me throughout my journey. Emotions that surrounded meeting my own Bear were beautiful and brought me to tears because of the love and protection that I felt, it’s an experience I will never forget!"

Personal Ceremony for Soul Transformation

Throughout human history there has traditionally been a place held within a tribe, within a society, for Medicine Women and Men who use their knowledge and understanding to bring healing, harmony and spiritual connection into the lives of the people they serve. In many ways western society has lost its way, denouncing anything unseen or intangible, relying only on what science can prove, to the detriment of our health and well-being. We know that we are more than just muscle and tissue, blood and bone. We are more than the water we drink and the air we breathe. We are stardust, our DNA stretches back to the beginning of time and our souls hold the wisdom, stories and experiences from lifetimes on this planet.

When we understand that who we are transcends this mundane world and encompasses the extra-ordinary, then we can become more aligned with who we really are – our passion, purpose and Soul’s desires.

Shamanic Energy Work is an in-depth and affective way to work with;

  • Your Soul’s blueprint,
  • Song lines of the body,
  • Celestial soul contracts and agreements,
  • Ancestral or family lineage lines,
  • Light codes and DNA structure

Using different shamanic practices from extraction work, cord cuttings, sound frequency, plant medicine and journey work, we can support deeper healing on all levels.

Some of the issues or symptoms that Shamanic Energy work can help you with are:

  • Hereditary disease
  • Addictions – soul sickness
  • Recurring emotions blocks and fears
  • Recurring mental illness
  • Recurring emotional illness – anxiety, depression
  • Ongoing repeat of family tragedy
  • Time clocks for illness – handed down
  • Cultural pain bodies

Shamanic Energy Work offers an opportunity for Soul Transformation and achieving overall wellbeing by encouraging you to deal with the core issues, instead of the symptoms. This is a unique Personal Ceremony and your willingness to participate, take responsibility for your own growth and engage whole-heartedly in the integration process, will increase the healing potential of your experience and allow the necessary transformations to take place.

If this feels like a YES please contact me directly so that we can discuss whether Shamanic Energy work is appropriate for you…


Shamanic Distance Healings are also available!

Consisting of:

  • Initial Consultation (via zoom or phone)
  • Distance Energywork, Journeywork and Shamanic Healing
  • Followup (via zoom or phone)
  • Written summary, as well as homework for deeper integration and transformation

Ideal for Non-Local and Overseas clients who feel a YES for this work. Book your initial consultation in online, or contact me directly…