Why Should You Elope?


What is Eloping?

Back in the day ‘eloping’ referred to any marriage performed in haste, with minimal to zero guests, usually undertaken to escape religious or family obligations and pressures. 

These days many couples choose to have an ‘elopement’ wedding to minimise the stress, fuss and financial strain that organising a big wedding can bring.

The Benefits of Eloping:

  1. It”s just about the 2 of you! (Very romantic)
  2. It’s Cheaper (Put that money towards a home or a honeymoon!)
  3. Less Stress (Keep it small and simple)
  4. You can get married anywhere you want (Just about!)
  5. You can focus on the honeymoon!

The Cons of Eloping:

  1. You will miss a great opportunity to bring your favourite people together in celebration.
  2. It could cause unnecessary drama between you and your loved ones.
  3. You may feel like your wedding day is less of a big deal than it actually is!
  4. You may need to plan some kind of celebration party so people don’t feel completely left out.
  5. Less people to share the memory of your special day with.

When it comes down to it, it is all about personal preference.

Some couples have a large family and wouldn’t dream of leaving a single person out and an elopement would take a lot of the joy out of their special day.

Other couples may only have a few favourite friends and minimal close family and for them eloping could be the perfect way to celebrate their love.

Whatever you choose to do on your special day, make sure that it will create memories that you will cherish forever!

Much Love

Shekinah Leigh 

Elope on the Gold Coast with Shekinah

"I can honestly say that this woman, Shekinah, was by far the best Marriage Celebrant EVER! We were married on the 12th October 2019 and Shekinah made sure our ceremony was perfect!"

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