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The Energetic Properties of Essential Oils


Version 2Science tells us that everything is energy;

there is a subtle bio-energy that flows through all of life. Some people call it life force and others call it chi. This bio-energy has a vibration to it, an electromagnetic frequency and it can be measured. At the physical level, frequency is the measurement of how quickly foundational cells are circulating and regenerating within the body.  The greater the movement within the cells, the more free your body is to self-heal.  The slower the cells move within the body, the greater the chance for tumors, blockages, and diseases to develop. When we become out of balance excessively and over prolonged periods of time, our body’s natural ability to heal itself declines. We are not able to operate optimally. Consequently, we find that we are not in the best state to attract abundance and live the life we desire.

There are many ways of lowering our life force vibration, one is by undertaking unhealthy lifestyle choices. They are reflected in the food we eat, the harmful products we use, and the toxins we consume daily. Pathogens have a low frequency, as do pollutants. Processed and canned foods having a frequency of zero, can greatly diminish our frequency as well.

Also, whether we hold positive or negative thoughts and emotions, can affect our energy state. Reportedly, negative thoughts lower our frequency by 12 MHz while positive thoughts raise our frequency by 10 MHz! A beautiful way to raise your own vibration when using essential oils (or anything for that matter), is by setting an intention, or prayer whenever you use it, or apply it. The power of focused intent can never be underestimated!

For me, energy and vibration aren’t just new age buzz words, they are tangible and powerful realities, that can have a great effect on your health & wellbeing. However, regardless of how you feel about it, essential oils have always been about much more than their frequency. In my experience, the best way to choose an essential oil is by smell, you will get a resounding YES, when you have found the oil/s that resonate for you!

Below I have attached a list of Essential Oils and their frequencies, for those who are interested in such things…

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Sacred Feminine Practitioner
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Shekinah Leigh runs her own business on the Gold Coast facilitating Weddings and Ceremonies, Women’s Groups & Workshops and providing Bodywork & Self Study Courses for honouring & activating the divine feminine essence in all women. She is a certified Marriage Celebrant, Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Childbirth Mentor and Young Girls ‘Coming of Age’ Mentor, with many years of experience facilitating Women’s Circles, Women’s Rites of Passage, Sacred Ceremony and Birth Work. Shekinah is a dedicated explorer of the feminine and holds a strong and safe space for transformation & healing to take place at a deep & cellular level. By integrating her chosen paths of Hawaiian Shamanism, Native American Medicine Teachings and the Ancient Yogic Traditions, it enables her to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to healing our relationship with the feminine. As a Mother, Lover, Daughter & Friend, she understands the many challenges that face women today. She is completely devoted to supporting women to access, embrace, embody & shine as a radiant and sensual woman every day and through all phases of life…

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