Raw, wild, chaotic, beautiful, sensual, powerful, receptive, creative, expansive & radiant!

She follows her intuition, understanding the natural cycles of her life, the constant ebb & flow of her own personal dance. She weaves a tapestry of life, incorporating the threads of all of those that have crossed her path, share in her life and teach her as she journeys…

Once we were Powerful Priestesses, honoured and revered within society through our natural affinity with nature and life. Now it is more common for women to be treated as neurotic, over emotional beings, that need to be controlled and tamed to fit into a society that is strongly modelled on masculine values. Throughout HIStory, she has been bought and sold, used and abused, neglected and negated. The feminine has long been overlooked and undervalued.

Through the centuries of suppression though, there have always been pockets of women that by their very nature will not CONFORM, will not SURRENDER and will not be forced into believing that their divine feminine essence is evil, wrong, unimportant or unnecessary. We are Life Givers, we are Nurturers, we are Adventurers, Creators and Lovers of Beauty. We are and we will always be, deeply connected to source as the ultimate Birthers on this planet.

The tide has changed, more and more women are embracing their feminine side, searching out like-minded sisters in groups and gatherings that honour and acknowledge our HERstory. Bringing deep healing not only for ourselves but also for those women who have come before us and most importantly, for those who are yet to follow, our daughters, granddaughters and great granddaughters.

All of life is a dance between the Masculine and the Feminine; these principles are within all things. Not always an equal balance of the two but always striving for the perfect combination in any given moment. We cannot honour one, without honouring the other. 

In the Native American Sweet Medicine tradition, they have a sacred law. That all things are sparked by the masculine and all things are born of the feminine and that nothing shall be done to harm the children…this is the way forward….

Providing Weddings and Ceremonies, Sacred Kahuna Bodywork and Feminine Massage, SHE Temple Women's Circles, SHAKTI Girls 'Coming of Age' Programs, Online Feminine Immersions (Courses), Pregnancy and Post Natal Support, as well as Women's Health Products...