The Motherhood 'Rite of Passage'

This is a program for all mothers, however those that have had a difficult or traumatic birth experience may find this program especially beneficial…

The birthing journey, from conception to parenting, can be an intense and overwhelming experience. Nothing ever prepares you fully for the impact that having a baby, will have on your life and your relationships. Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to make sense of the changes that have occurred and without understanding, it can be difficult to move forward with ease and joy.

Most women are naturally sensitive to their environment and in their experiences. However, after birth, when we have been broken wide open, in ways that you probably never imagined before, the impact of all that has happened can reside deeply in our bodies and in our psyches, waiting for the opportunity to be acknowledged, honoured and released.

This program explores the challenges and changes that have occurred throughout your Birthing Journey. I have created “The Motherhood Rite of Passage” to bring clarity, insight and on-going understanding for all women who have given birth. This immersion will support you to integrate and heal from your birthing ‘rite of passage’, by weaving together all the layers of this sacred journey into motherhood.

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Whether you have just birthed, or whether you birthed 20 years ago. Whether you birthed ecstatically, traumatically, vaginally, via cesarean, completely naturally or had interventions from the moment of conception, this immersion will support you to come back to your family, your home and your tribe with a sense of wholeness and well-being.

If you have been feeling confused, overwhelmed or isolated. If you are wondering if you are doing it “right” or “wrong”, wondering how you should fix it, or how you should have done it differently, than this immersion is for you.

If you are hearing the call to begin your return journey back to your tribe and your family, than I invite you to sign up now for “The Motherhood Rite of Passage”, a personal feminine immersion for all mothers.

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