One of the biggest commitments that we can make in our lifetime is to legally marry our beloved. To publicly celebrate the love you have for one another not only strengthens the bond between you, it also creates lasting connections between family and friends as you establish a community of your very own.

I love the joy, intimacy and vulnerability that this special day can bring and I am committed to co-creating a Wedding Ceremony that you will cherish forever!  I provide heart felt and sacred ceremony to all loving couples and I invite you to contact me to discuss your needs and desires for your beautiful day.

There  is a perfect way for each of us to celebrate. Let’s co-create a ceremony that is perfect for you!


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Call, email or send me a message to discuss the options for your perfect Wedding Celebration!

Proud Volunteer and Supporter of My Wedding Wish 

My Wedding Wish is a registered national Charity that has been gifting weddings to the terminally ill around Australia since 2013.

Providing Weddings and Ceremonies, Sacred Kahuna Bodywork and Feminine Massage, SHE Temple Women's Circles, SHAKTI Girls 'Coming of Age' Programs, Online Feminine Immersions (Courses), Pregnancy and Post Natal Support, as well as Women's Health Products...