SHE Temple Women's Circle

A Women’s Circle is a safe space for women to come and share, be seen, be heard and be acknowledged for those experiences that are happening throughout our lives.

For some, they may be going through major life changes and transitions and just need a safe space to land and be held, as they share their fears and hopes. For others, it is a place to feel understood, as they come to their own validation of being women, through partnering, parenting, work life, social life and so on.

“It is for young women, old women, single women, married women, mothers, daughters, sisters, aunties and grandmothers”.

It is a way to build a community of like-minded, respectful, mature and open-hearted women who are able to support their female friends and family, whilst being supported themselves. It is a way for women to understand that we are not in competition with each other, and that we do not need to fear our ‘sisters’ but can establish a new way of trust and love, as we choose new ways of being together.

Some women may share a lot, some women may share a little. Some women sit in circle just to hear that little gem, or piece of the puzzle, that has been missing for them, others come to be that person who has the piece for someone else. It is not about fixing, having a dialogue, or solving problems, it is about sharing those words, thoughts and feelings that may not be able to surface in our everyday, superficial, distracted and busy lives. It is a judgement free space, to access those places within that don’t always get the time, or permission, to be voiced.

“What we share is medicine for ourselves and others, there is nothing to be forced, no stories to be told and no judgments to be made.”

You don’t need to think about what needs to be said, you can trust in your own voice and your own wisdom, in the moment.

As an introvert, I do understand the reluctance of fellow introverts to come into a group environment to be vulnerable and seen, however I would say that the structure of womens circles is such, that there is room for all to be seen and that any fear of speaking up is well outweighed by the feeling of acceptance and deep reverence, that this space creates.

The environment created is reminiscent of Red Tent spaces, where women used to be able to come and gather, traditionally during their moon time, to set aside the daily responsibilities and connect back into their truth, their womb and their feminine essence. We don’t have many of these sacred spaces any more, however there are those of us who understand that women NEED these places, to combat feelings of isolation, overwhelm, confusion and the sense that it is ‘only me’ that feels, or behaves, this way.

If you are feeling a YES for this space, I would encourage you to follow it, without trying to find a reason, or explanation for it, just trusting your intuition and knowing that that inner wise woman knows more than what your mind can conceive of…

Shekinah Leigh Kahuna Massage and Hawaiian bodywork

If you would like to book your place in our next circle, contact me directly, or place an order below, we would love to have you join us!

Shekinah Leigh

Sacred Feminine Practitioner

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