My Feminine Journey

I have had a very long journey, learning to honour and celebrate being woman. I have always been passionate about women’s rights, issues and women’s autonomy, especially over their bodies. I am intrigued by the masculine/feminine dynamic that is within all things, however for me, my femininity was something to be disguised or hidden, so that I could survive, be taken seriously and get ahead in life. I lived a very masculine lifestyle, working in a male dominated industry, in a demanding and mentally focused career. I suppressed my emotions, stayed focused and rational and at the end of the day, did my best to leave it all behind. I was in denial for so long, not admitting that this way of being was crushing my spirit and suppressing my feminine radiance. All to conform, to buy into the status quo and really prove to others and myself that I was the best man I could be. I understand now that I needed to experience that extreme masculine energy within myself so that I knew I could take care of myself and my family, that I could survive completely independently and so that I knew that I was capable and aware of knowing the qualities that are important to me in a good man.

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