Kahuna Bodywork & Massage

Providing Nurturing and Transformational Bodywork

Shekinah Kahuna Massage in Palm Beach on the Gold Coast

With the large amount of emotional and physical labour that a woman does every day, it is highly recommended that you receive a bodywork treatment at least once a month. This supports your body to let go of the accumulation of tension and stress, allowing your mind to relax and your spirit to come back into alignment. For times of higher stress or during major life transitions, more frequent bodywork sessions are ideal as they continually support you to release any build up of stress, trauma or dis-ease


Shamanic Bodywork

2hr $195
Kahuna Massage
and Shamanic Energy Clearing

Shekinah Kahuna Massage Bodywork

Kahuna (Hawaiian) Bodywork

1hr $110 / 1.5hr $150
(Currently only available as a part of the Speciality Treatment Packages)

Shekinah Kahuna Massage and Hawaiian Massage

Pregnancy or Post Natal Massage

1hr $110 / 1.5hr $150
(Only available as a part of the Pregnancy and Post Natal Treatment Packages)

Shamanic Healing

Providing Deep and Lasting Soul Transformation


Shamanic Healing

Investment $180

Speciality Packages

Deep Release

This is a beautiful combination of kahuna massage, energy clearing, spiritual teachings, and practical tools to help you deeply release and relax, allowing your nervous system to come back into balance and harmony on all levels.

2.5hr $222

Deep Transformation

The perfect combination of shamanic healing, kahuna massage, energy clearing, spiritual teachings, and practical tools to help you release and transform old patterns, limiting beliefs, past trauma and dysfunctional relationships.

3.5hr $333

Return to Self

Bringing ritual, ceremonial tools, spiritual techniques, massage and ancient teachings together, so that you can say YES to yourself, embracing life with passion, for yourself, for your children, for your community and for your highest good.

4-6 hrs $444

Providing Weddings and Ceremonies, Sacred Kahuna Bodywork and Feminine Massage, SHE Temple Women's Circles, SHAKTI Girls 'Coming of Age' Programs, Online Feminine Immersions (Courses), Pregnancy and Post Natal Support, as well as Women's Health Products...
Shekinah Leigh Kahuna
Shekinah Leigh
Sacred Feminine Practitioner