Shekinah Leigh – Honouring the feminine

*Pensioners and Concession Card Holders Receive 15% Off!

Therapeutic Massage
(Combination of Swedish & Deep Tissue)

1hr $85
1.5hr $115

Feminine Massage / Hawaiian Bodywork
(Kahuna Style – Inc Post Natal and Pregnancy) 

1hr      $110
1.5hr   $145

Ultimate Body Harmony
(Hawaiian Style with Essential Oils)

1hr      $150
1.5hr   $185 

Sacred Deep Release
(Hawaiian Style with Essential Oils)

1.5hr   $190

Shamanic Bodywork
(Hawaiian Style with Essential Oils and Sound)

2hr     $190

Goddess Moon Reading
(as a prelude to massage treatment)

Extra    $30

sacred soul journey
(Sound Healing and Hawaiian Massage, with Amanda & Shekinah)

1hr        $180



devoted to self-love
To reward those who are devoted to their health & well-being…

(3 massages, within a 90 day period)
3 x 1hr Feminine Nurturing Massages

Investment $250 (worth $330 separately)


Nurturing the Nurturer
Post Natal Support and Integration


Investment $350 (worth $410 separately)

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