Awakening the Goddess

Do you feel that no matter how many courses you do, or how many books you read you are still experiencing the same life lessons over and over again? Are you in an unfulfilling relationship, or constantly attracting the wrong people into your life? If so, than you could be unwillingly stuck in your DARK pattern. This unconscious cycle can keep you feeling trapped, limited and small as your default thought processes keep you chasing your tail. It can affect the way we work, parent, socialize and relate on all levels and it has the unfortunate tendency to kick us when we are down and to sabotage us when we are up.

Our life’s journey is full of patterns; some we dance mindfully and some are triggered unconsciously. Most of us get to a point where we realise our current patterns are no longer serving us and we are looking for a new way to experience our reality.

This immersion has been specifically designed to clearly recognize your current default pattern and shine a light in all those dark corners. This allows you to understand how you operate within the world, so that you can unwind and rewrite, your dharmic dance of beauty and harmony.

Awakening the Goddess clearly recognizes your predominant dark pattern, not only so that you can understand yourself and your patterns more fully but also so that you can CHANGE them into a pattern that expresses who you are in the LIGHT of your naturalness.

This is a conscious AWAKENING of the feminine! We will use Goddess archetypes to more deeply understand each step along the way, so that you can embody your feminine nature in all its aspects.

It’s also important to understand, that as women we are usually thinking about how what we are doing for ourselves can also help others. These sacred teachings are being offered to you, so that we ALL may benefit. Because when we heal women, when we honour and acknowledge and embrace all that the feminine has to offer, than we heal the world. There is no choice but for children, partners, communities and worldwide institutions, to move with the change that the power of the feminine brings with her.

The benefits of recognizing your dark pattern and reweaving it into the light, are many:

When you heal women

This immersion is for women who:

  • Are ready to make the changes necessary, to be more in alignment with their true feminine nature.
  • Are willing to devote time and energy to themselves and their spiritual evolution.
  • Are ready to take responsibility for all that they are manifesting in their lives
  • Are willing to look at the dark as well as the light, understanding that so much of our greatest growth and precious gifts come from sifting through our darkness and bringing it to the light.
  • Are not scared to invest money in themselves, because they know they are worth it!
  • Are willing to push past their comfort zone to get to the real juice
  • Are not into gimmicks, or superficial band-aid remedies.

What I have to offer is about deep change, however these kinds of transformations, require a deep devotion to self. Awakening the Goddess requires commitment to yourself and the process so that you can harvest all the gifts that this immersion has to offer you.

This course features ready made and simple to follow diagrams that represent your light and dark patterns, so that you can easily review and understand your cycles. I also offer flexible payment plans, for those who need it, so that you can follow your YES and feel fully supported on your soul’s journey.

My hearts desire is to ‘Honour the Feminine” and support women to embrace their natural femininity in every day life, with ease and grace and beauty. This is the driving force behind all that I offer and create for women. I believe, that deep knowledge of self is required to encourage LASTING change and Awakening the Goddess provides this.

This immersion WILL spotlight the ego pattern you hold and allow you to reweave it into something new, that works for you every day, in every situation.

Personalised care is very important, especially during online immersions, therefore I will be providing you with support along the way, so that you can break through any blocks or issues that may arise and because a safe community of women is important for women’s self growth, you will have access to an intimate and secure FB Group for discussions and sharing’s.

If you are ready for more, if you can feel that it is time to drop those old patterns that are limiting you and holding you back, then this is the immersion for you!

You will Receive:

  • 2 x Workbooks (Dark Pattern & Light Pattern)
  • 8 x Essential Oil blends (to Support your Release & Transformation)
  • 2 x Herbal Tea Blends (For Detoxification & Integration)

Payment Plans are always available, please inquire as these teachings are here to support you, not limit you!

For more information contact Shekinah directly…

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