Massive Expansion throughout October

Throughout October I ran a ‘Sharing the Love’ Competition.

It was designed to let the amazing women in our lives know just how much we love and appreciate them!

There were lots of prizes to win, including a massage, herbal teas and essential oils. During this time, my good friend Krystle also decided that October was ‘Honouring the Feminine’ month and so we decided to collaborate and do some Facebook Lives together.  This was a HUGE step for me, as an introvert I have always struggled with being in front of the camera, much preferring to be behind the scenes. However, as a woman who is fully committed to my business and its ongoing success, I have needed to step up and find ways that I can share and express the work that I do, so that it feels genuine and authentic for me! These Facebook Lives were a way for me to not only share my work, but to also connect with amazing women and to stretch my comfort zone.

They have been a GREAT success! I have learnt so much about myself during the past month and one of the most important things is how when you are speaking your truth, when you are walking the talk, when you are choosing to be authentic, then you really can’t get it wrong. Even the mistakes add value because it is REAL, it is true and it is through this understanding that I have found a new confidence in sharing my message and my medicine with the world. I don’t know if I will ever LOVE being in front of the camera, but feeling like I am still me and not some ‘perform on demand’ circus animal has brought me great relief!

If you have an interest in knowing more about:

  • The benefits of Massage & Bodywork – physically, emotionally and spiritually, than please watch Episode 1
  • The benefits of participating in the SHAKTI Girls ‘coming of age’ Circles, or sitting in circle with other women, than please watch Episode 2
  • The benefits of seeing the ‘Birthing Journey’ as a rite of passage and how it helps women heal and integrate the birthing experience, than please watch Episode 3
  • The benefits of different womens products, from breast care, hormonal well-being and post natal support, than please watch Episode 4

I am happy to answer any questions that you may have, and thank you all profusely for your on-going support.

Much Love
Shekinah Leigh

How do you own that Mystical and Magical side of yourself?

I have spent decades on a spiritual path, one that has led me into many different forms of shamanism, ancient traditions and sacred medicine.

I have been a drum chief at healing ceremonies, was apprenticed to a Native American Shamanic Tradition for a long time, I have run Sweat lodges, and Sacred Ceremonies, I have so many shamanic tools in my tool belt, some I use often, some infrequently. I have a daily spiritual practice (Sadhana), I run a business that is based on healing on a physical, spiritual and emotional level and yet I have recently discovered that I still can’t fully own this mystical, magical, shamanic side of me.

I have realised that I have been de-valuing it, disowning it and glossing over it because I was worried that;

  1. People would think I was way too weird and out there
  2. The traditions that I no longer work with would take issue with me sharing what I have learned and attack me, or make me feel like I am doing something wrong or disrespectful
  3. Whenever someone labels themselves as a Shaman, or Medicine Woman, Priestess, Witch or ‘whatever’, it sounds really freakin arrogant and makes me cringe on the inside

But what do you do if your work, your calling, does incorporate shamanic tools and practices? What happens when you dive into other cultures and you feel their traditions resonate with your soul, with your cells, your DNA, every fibre of your being? How do you own this mystical and magical side of yourself without sounding like a douche bag?????

Even friends who have told me that they see me as any of these above names/terms (yes I’m really not owning it), has always caused me to deny it profusely, or feel inadequate and fraudulent that they might even think I could aspire to the levels that these names symbolise. For me, on too many occasions these labels are being used to jump onto the latest new age band wagon, they come very close to crossing the line of cultural appropriation, if not wiping out that line out completely and I believe that real Shamans, Wise Woman, Medicine Women, Priestesses, Witches have had a deep calling, a long journey and many years of discipline, practice and immersion to be able to really embody what it means to be that!

Guess what? That describes me exactly! I have a deep calling, have had a long journey (that continues), and many many years of self-discipline, practice and immersion on my spiritual path. I haven’t stayed with one particular tradition and perhaps that is where some of my reluctance comes from. I have never 100% agreed with any particular path, there have been pieces that resonate for me, I explore and learn as much as I can and when it no longer resonates I move onto the next piece, whether its within that tradition or not.

Throughout my years I have completely immersed myself in Hawaiian Shamanism, Native American Shamanism, Yogic Traditions, Tantric Teachings, Pagan Wisdom, Earth Medicine and so much more, they have each added an important piece of knowledge and understanding to my life and myself and yet each step has required time to fully embody those teachings and I guess this is what I am really saying. That it is not enough to use a name, to label yourself with a title, to do 1 or 2 courses, to feel attracted to something and then put yourself up as an expert in that area, to claim a title that you have not earned, to mislead people because it will get you followers, or likes, or money, or power, or because you are arrogant enough to assume that you are ‘this’ without actually having done the work.


“You really do need to EMBODY what you have learned and make it your own and that is the piece that I have been denying…”


This is something that I am re-exploring now as we speak, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that to reach my full potential, to step up to my souls purpose, to be in true divine alignment with my higher self, I have to find a way to not only own and accept this large part of myself, but to also find a way to share it with others that doesn’t feel stupid, ignorant, arrogant or disrespectful.

I am totally open to suggestions, while at the same time enjoying the gentle self-exploration that this new awareness has revealed to me. If this resonates with you, whether you are still finding your way, or feel like a master at your craft, I would LOVE to hear your opinions, insights and feedback on this topic.


Sending you all so much love!

Shekinah Leigh


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The Top 5 Things that Make for a GREAT Massage Treatment!

I was so excited this morning; I finally had some time and some extra money to get a massage.

My body had been crying out for some good bodywork for weeks and it was finally happening!

I had seen lots of comments on my recent posts about how money was probably the Number 1 deterrent for people getting regular massages and I had been thinking, but how can you put a price on a good massage? They are just so vital to your health and well-being and then it happened…I got a bad massage, well not a bad one, but not a great one and I thought “oh, this is why people don’t think it’s worth the money, this is the kind of treatments they are getting! How can I let them know that the last thing you are thinking about when you receive an exceptional massage is money?” and so here I am sharing some tips on how to make sure that your hard earned money isn’t wasted on a ‘not great’ treatment.

  1. Short fingernails: if your massage therapist has long manicured, or false nails, than the chances are they will not be able to give you the deep and thorough experience that you are after. Long fingernails are a no-no if you are after more than just a relaxing body rub with oil.
  2. Appropriate music: When you are in a receptive mode, allowing your body to let go and release, you can be incredibly open to all sorts of sensory input, therefore the music that is playing during your treatment is incredibly important. In Hawaiian Style Massage the music sets the pace for so much of the work being done, I personally choose playlists that have a blending of different sounds; from indigenous and earthy sounds like didgeridoo, shakers and flutes, nature sounds like birds and water, songs with beautiful words and messages, spiritual mantras and other music that resonates with a higher frequency. Soothing, inspirational, or high vibrational music is a vital component for a good experience…music with swearing is never appropriate when providing someone with a healing treatment (I can’t believe I actually have to even say this!)
  3. A therapist that takes time to connect with you: If you walk straight in and lie on the table, with only a cursory check in, you may not get a treatment that is able to access all the parts of you that are needing release. I believe it is quite valuable to take extra time before a treatment to not only find out what is going on physically for a client, but to also touch on emotional and environmental factors that may be creating disharmony within the body and mind. Having a deeper understanding of how, or why the body may be manifesting with certain aches and pains, or dis-ease is how we move towards ultimate healing. I know the clients that come to me are after more than a short term fix, they are committed to their long term well-being on all levels and having self-awareness is a part of this process.
  4. A designated massage space/room: Many amazing massage therapists work from home and we can’t all afford a separate space as a treatment room, however the space that is being used should still feel sacred and beautiful. If your therapist is just setting up a table in the junk room, surrounded by boxes and piles of crap, or if you can hear people making lots of noise within the house or treatment zone, it can be hard to find that Zen place where all the good stuff happens. A good therapist does not treat this work as a hobby, it can be informal and personal, while still being professional.
  5. Experience: If you are looking for more than a body rub with oil, make sure to check how much experience your therapist has…it is true, I have met some therapists who are just incredible with their hands from the get go, however, most people need a few years of experience, massaging lots of bodies to get a good feel for how to give the best massage possible. When I have a client on the table, their body usually talks to me; I can see the places that are tight, contracted and need some attention. I expect more than a generic massage routine when I see my therapist and so should you! Unfortunately in this industry some people are just doing it to make a quick buck, however others, like me, are doing it because they believe in the power of good bodywork and massage therapy, you can usually tell the difference very quickly.

So many of you know how devastating it is when your favourite therapist moves away, or burns out, or changes career, or is always booked up when you need them.  We know how hard it is to fill that gap and how disappointing it is to spend time and money trying to find someone else just as good. As a Massage Therapist myself, I have higher expectations of what a GREAT massage should entail. When I spend the time and money on a treatment I need it to be good, I need it to do what it’s supposed to do, my body requires someone highly skilled and capable to get into all of those sore spots and overworked places, so I have probably been disappointed more than most on my quest to find good therapists. This is how I know that massage is more than a luxury though, for me and for many of us, it is a necessity and anyone who has had a really good treatment knows what a life changing experience it can be!

I would like to end by saying, that just because you go to a 5 star day spa and pay through the nose, does not mean you will get a good massage, and just because someone is massaging from their lounge room doesn’t mean you will get a bad one. There are so many of us that really are great at this work and it can be frustrating for us to hear of so many peoples bad experiences because we know that it can put you off having more treatments which isn’t good for you, or for us.

We are in this business because we want to help, because we know the healing potential possible with good bodywork and because we really care!

If you have an amazing massage therapist I’d love to know who they are, please share in the comments sections below.

Lots of Love



Why Divine Alignment?

To me Life is about knowing yourself better and better so that you are living in purpose and truth to the best of your ability

I love supporting people through important transitions and intense experiences, not just because I am compassionate and caring but also because I know those moments can be the most potent catalysts for life changing behaviours and patterns to unfold and if I can be of service during those times, to help a person see something new, do something differently, tap into their own power, gain a deeper awareness of who they truly are, than that is a day well lived for me.

I have learned this about myself throughout the past 4 decades. The more I know what it feels like to live in my truth and in my own alignment with my inner being, my core self, my soul self, the harder it is to settle for anything less.

I used to lament becoming more sensitive until I heard that being sensitive just means that you know what it feels like to live in that sweet spot of divine alignment and your body, senses, emotions and whole being are striving to always come back to that place of contentment, beauty & balance. I now see my sensitivity as a great thing. It is the perfect guidance system to getting me to live my life and be in my authenticity, no matter what is happening around me.

I know so many people on this planet desire the same thing, to find the tools, techniques and tribe that support them and allow them to be who they truly are in their full magnificence with a deep understanding that this alone can be our purpose here at this time.

Just imagine what the world would be like if everyone was living in alignment with their own divine selves, in perfect alignment with their inner being, their soul? When I imagine that, it is an incredible utopia, the ultimate dream of world peace, loving connection and human compassion. I may not get to see that world wide in my lifetime; however achieving it in my immediate world, even one day at a time is a gift to myself and to those who are sharing this life with me…

In Beauty

Shekinah Leigh

P.S. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing how each of the products and services I offer, support women to come back into divine alignment with themselves, from the inside out!

The Ultimate Breast Care!

Happy Breast BalmAs so many of you know already, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2017

As you can imagine, this was an absolutely life changing event. I overhauled my life completely, from my diet, to my relationships, to my thoughts and behaviours, no part of my life was overlooked.

For me I had a strong belief that my cancer was created by more than environmental toxins, or poor diet, but also from the emotions, feelings and thoughts that I was carrying around within me, all of the time. Whether it was one traumatic event, or a chronic state of being, I was determined to heal some of my old patterns and wounds, so that I could come back into optimal health!

In the years proceeding my diagnosis I had become aware of some breast lumps, during that time I researched and explored so many areas of health and well-being on my way to recovery. One thing I realised was that my breasts didn’t get a lot of care. This fun video shows just how neglected this part of our body can be!

“So one of the first things I needed to do was love them more!”

This wasn’t so easy for me, especially with a breast lump that I could feel and sometimes even see, I found that when I was giving attention to my breasts, it was laced with fear and uncertainty, really the worst energy I could have been generating while trying to heal this part of my body.

Happy Breast Balm was one of my first steps towards changing my relationship with this beautiful part of my body. I already knew about so many of the amazing ingredients in this balm, especially the potency of essential oils for well-being. For me this product just brought all of the good stuff together in one delicious product, as well as giving me even more information and back ground on how to continue to take care of my breasts, not just now but well into the future. The information on dry brushing and the diagrams showing how to stimulate and support my lymphatic system were just gold! I loved this product so much that I contacted Sue to see how I could share it with other women and so this beautiful feminine business affiliation was born…

I am so happy to say, that through these many changes that I made and continue to make, I am the healthiest that I have ever been in my life! My outlook on living has changed, my experiences as a woman, mother, lover, friend and business woman continue to get even better and I look forward to the adventures that await me far into my future.

If you are looking for ways to give yourself and your body more love, than this product really is the way to go. To order your product/s or to find out more about it, you can follow this link…

Much Love

Shekinah Leigh
“Sacred Feminine Practitioner”


Do You Want To Feel Better Right Now?

honouring the feminine from the inside out (2)Today I realised on an even deeper level why I am here and what my purpose is….

I am always attempting to be the best version of my self possible. Whether it’s regarding my health, relationships, inner world, or life lessons, I love to be actively growing, learning, evolving and discovering new things about myself. Really when it comes down to it, it’s about being more in my flow, my naturalness, my ease, my grace…

I am committed to being the best me I can be, every day and I also understand that some days that will look different to other days. It’s not about judging, or forcing, or being a hard task master. It’s about seeing the ways, feeling the opportunities, acknowledging the patterns and being open to the shifts and changes that naturally want to occur as I journey through life.

“I have tried to be someone who doesn’t need to learn, or grow, but it’s impossible for me to not want to know more, to be more, even when that sometimes means being less.”

It’s not about achieving, or being busy, it’s about uncovering all the layers that have accumulated over my radiant shining, my beautiful being, my divine alignment. It’s about being on the leading edge of what it means to be me, alive in this moment, awake in the world.

This passion doesn’t just stop with me either. I became a Massage Therapist because it immediately makes people feel good, it helps them feel better. The first time I received a Kahuna Massage, I said “I want to make people feel that good!” and I quit my 12 year career and went and studied Hawaiian Massage and Huna Philosophy. I felt that it was such a gift, to be able to support people in feeling better right now, in this moment.

However that’s not all that it offers.  

Deep, nurturing bodywork helps you release toxins and aches and pains on a physical level, it helps reduce feelings of stress, tension and anxiety on emotional levels and it supports you to come back into your own fully integrated and divine self alignment on a spiritual level. It really can be like pressing the reset button, it is an opportunity to let go of what has been and make space for what is to come. It creates possibility for deep change and transformation, it allows you to stop, to switch off, to fall into those healing brain waves and to connect with your own souls purpose, if that’s what you are choosing.

Every treatment is your opportunity to shed what is no longer serving you and embrace those parts that you want to keep. Your mindfulness, your attention, your intention, is a powerful part of every massage you receive…

So next time you hop on the table, whether it’s with me or someone else, know that this is a powerful time. Not only have you chosen to invest in your health and well-being in this moment, you have also chosen to invest in your future self as well. Enjoy the experience with all of your being, knowing that the long term benefits can be just as potent, sometimes even more so, than the short term pleasure of your deeply nourishing bodywork treatment…it’s a Win Win!

Much love

P.S. if you know it is time for you to honour yourself with a treatment, I have many beautiful services to choose from. Take a look at the Sacred Feminine Massages and Treatments on offer here…I look forward to connecting with you soon xx

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Have you been getting enough sleep lately? Massage can help!

RckenmassageIt’s more than just a relaxing experience!

It won’t come as a surprise to learn that massage, in many forms, supports good quality sleep. Massage is very much a restorative experience for the human body.

A lot of research shows that just 60 minutes of massage can be equal to a full night’s worth of sleep. The mechanism by which massage helps to establish a more organized sleep pattern isn’t fully understood, but studies consistently report that subjects who are massaged (with a variety of modalities) experience deeper, more restorative, less disturbed sleep. It takes a lot of energy for the body to be feeding muscle tissues with oxygen and to work out that lactic acid. With massage therapy doing the work for you, it becomes possible to have more energy every day because you’re effectively getting twice the sleep you normally would. The bodywork doesn’t even have to take place directly before sleep either; clients report better sleep even several hours after receiving a massage.

“So if you have been struggling with sleep, a hectic work week, extra emotional stress, or increasing aches and pains, a massage could be the perfect treatment for you!”

I have recently expanded my massage services to include Therapeutic, Relaxation and Aromatherapy, so now you can supplement your Kahuna/Hawaiian Treatments with a little something in-between.

If you would like to know more, contact me on 0416 376 951, or go to my website.

Sending you all lots of TLC


Shekinah Leigh
Sacred Feminine Practitioner

Did you know that your emotions are designed to help you stay in alignment?

Sunset chaser-3Many people seem addicted to their dramatic, intense, uncomfortable, or stressful feelings.

They seem unable to notice how strongly they are in resistance, how far away they are from themselves and their own happiness. Even when something good happens, the next intense thing is just around the corner to get upset about and I must admit, this was me a lot of the time too. This is usually a clear indicator that you are living life in reaction to what’s happening, a victim of circumstance, instead of knowing that you are a creator of your reality and that ACTION and DOING are only helpful, when it is flowing from a place of alignment with self. 

My cancer diagnosis made me have a hard look at what kind of life I wanted to live. If life was just going to feel like a struggle, a never ending stream of things to do, fix, overcome, or try and control, then the fact was, I didn’t actually want to keep living it. I only wanted to stay here if I could feel happier, more peaceful, more joyful, more connected, more satisfied and experience more pleasure. I finally realised that if I wanted these things, I could never consistently expect them from outside of me, whether it was through other people, or external experience’s, I could never control the world enough to constantly feel good, the only way I could guarantee having these feelings every day, was if I cultivated them within myself, regardless of what was happening around me! And so the journey began…


“It’s been over a year now, since I made the commitment to start re-wiring my thoughts to shift my vibration into something that made me feel good.”


It’s been a real struggle at times, to not let the old default patterns take over and send me on the road to hell and sometimes they have won for a while…however, there has been one major factor that has been incredibly useful for keeping me on track…my emotions! Once I realised that my emotions are actually here to help, that they are invaluable to my ongoing well-being, that they are an incredible guidance system, showing each of us just where we are at in life and how much resistance we may be in, things really began to reach that tipping point, where it became easier and easier to bring myself back into alignment. Whether it’s full blown fear or just minor discomfort, knowing that I am out of alignment with my own truth, whenever I don’t feel GOOD is actually freakin remarkable! How come they don’t teach you this at school??? Our emotions are here to help us, not hurt us, not inconvenience us, not destroy us, or make us messy and dysfunctional. They show us when we are in dysfunction. They clearly tell us when we have moved away from our truth, our inner being, our higher self, and our souls path! 

Sometimes I don’t realise how much I have changed, until something happens and I see how I am feeling differently about it. I’m actually really proud of how far I have come and how often I can witness the negative feelings, or thoughts and choose a different way, before it gets too bad. So now I do my best to go through each day, each encounter, each experience, staying mindful of how I am feeling and I TRUST that feeling. If it feels good than I have full permission to go there, I know I am living in my truth…if it doesn’t feel good then I get to reflect, introspect, discuss, change, transform, or set whatever boundaries and guidelines I need to, to be able to get back to my own natural alignment. Sometimes that means saying NO without reservation and sometimes it means saying no but being open to a way that it may feel like a yes, with just a little bit of tweaking…

It may not always make sense to other people either, we each have our own personal alignment of course, so what feels good to me, may seem strange to you. Some people may want to judge you, attack you, undermine you, guilt trip you, or feel justified in forcing you to defend your position to them, if you don’t do, or say, what they want you to. However only you know what you are feeling, only you can know whether that situation, choice or experience, is right for you. And this is something else that I have discovered, sometimes, when I don’t feel good about something, I don’t actually know why straight away and now I don’t have to. I know this is my intuition, my instincts, my inner self guiding me, I can trust it without always needing to know why and usually with time, or in hindsight, it becomes quite clear what my emotions were trying to tell me. So I would encourage you not to second-guess them. Explore them, play with them, question them, but don’t dismiss them or ignore them, they are unique to you and they are always trying to bring you home to yourself…

So whenever a crunchy situation presents itself, or you find yourself in disharmony with another, or you realise that you aren’t feeling good, take some time to bring yourself back into alignment, through meditation, breath work, stopping for a cuppa, going for a walk, playing music, having a dance, or whatever things you know of, that bring you easily and quickly, back to a place of feeling good and then re-engage, if it is something you would like to do, not just because it is something you feel you have to do…because when we try and fix something, or change something, from a bad feeling place, it is unlikely that we will create the best possible outcome, but if we take the time and then re-connect from a good feeling place, then solutions beyond your wildest imagination become possible!

Loving you all, through the ups and the downs, the in’s and the outs, the yes’s and the no’s…


Shekinah Leigh
Sacred Feminine Practitioner

P.S. Emotional Release, or Nurturing Bodywork, can support you back to alignment in the most beautiful, effortless and pleasurable way…no doing, just BEing and receiving…or come along to one of our sacred Women’s Circles and Sound Healing gatherings, designed to realign you with your feminine essence…




I am Not a Single Mother!

Aligning with the Feminine...-2The term Single parent is much more accurate but still doesn’t truly reflect the situation of having to be both Mother and Father, sometimes simultaneously, (is that even possible), as I try and raise a child on my own. I am in this constant juggle of wanting to be in my natural femininity of loving and nurturing and being gently aware and connected, which comes up against the other needs of discipline, setting up chore lists and policing them, as well as needing to be on top of my own and my child’s time management, as well as creating and keeping to a schedule, whilst holding space for her emotions, to be the provider emotionally, physically and financially, and all whilst encouraging her beauty and growing maturity and still trying to find time to actually just be me, whatever that is, in this confusing and overwhelming mish mash of ever changing roles and transitions between my own masculine and feminine nature.

“As a single parent I am constantly having to be both…so maybe I am a Fother, or a Mather…there’s got to be a better word!”

To clarify, for me Mothering means being in my feminine (whatever that means to me) and Fathering means to be in my masculine (whatever that means to me)…masculine and feminine are fluid terms for many people.

For some single parents this may not be a bother, however for me, with my Libra Moon and with Libra Rising, I am ALL about the balance and harmony within and without. Couple this with my Leo need to be authentic and in integrity with how and who I am in the world and it can be a crazy making situation! I am all about finding harmony in my relationships, my relationship with self, with life and with others, so I can’t even begin to succinctly describe how hard this balance is to maintain for myself, when I am almost forced to be something I am not, so frequently, within my days, every day, day after day, after day…this is the thing I think people don’t understand when they think about single mothers…

They don’t think about whether we actually ever signed up to a be a father, they don’t think about how much of the time we are required to be something that WE ARE NOT and that we often times become so used to being stuck in this enforced role, this something else, that we forget who we truly are. They don’t think about whether we actually get to be fully juicy, surrendered, open, nourishing and loving women anymore, because who is holding space for that to happen, when we are always holding space for another? And lets not even start on when society does see single mothers as being juicy, open and loving women, the shaming that occurs can be deafening!

I have had enough of being in my masculine and I know I have said this before, but really in this Yang valuing society, it takes constant mindfulness to not just drop into the masculine way of doing things by default…so I am even more eager to gain more clarity on all of the ways that I can quickly and deeply bring myself back into my feminine way of being, for my own health and well-being and so that I can be the role model I actually want to be for my daughter…

So that has forced me to re-evaluate my current list of Yin creating experiences and whether they are working for me or not…this list includes reading fictional books, dancing around like a crazy person to my favourite music, meditating more and creating space to be in my creative flow, without distractions, more often!

I have even had the delight of re-visiting my EMPOWERING the Feminine online course, as well as my free “How to Fill Your Cup” mini immersion and its been quite a relief to realise I’ve done so much of the work already, now it really is just finding ways to remind myself regularly, of what I already know…I would also love to hear about the wicked, wonderful and creative ways you all find to come back into your feminine alignment in the midst of this over-achieving society and our many responsibilities…please share!

Send you all Lots of Love, Beauty and Wildness on this crazy ride we call Life!


 Shekinah Leigh
“Honouring the Feminine”


P.S. If you are really ready for some deeper work in clearing out and re-aligning with your feminine being take a look at this…