Yummy Essential Oils For Her!


logo-2Are you ready for this?

We ladies know that spark and desire can wane from long term relationships, whether it’s kids, hormones, work, or an out-of sync sex drive with your lover, getting the libido see-saw balanced can be quite challenging. Lucy’s book has been designed to help couples overcome bedroom frustration and find joy between the sheets again.

From oils that increase happiness, to oils that increase blood flow, Lucy has a comprehensive list of all the Essential Oils that SHE could possibly desire between the sheets…These oils blend deliciously for lots of juicy bedroom recipes! Lucy’s book has a whole heap of special recipes in the back for Mood Enhancing, Natural Lubricants, Inner Thigh Potions, Edible Blends and so much more….

Now I’m not going to give away all of Lucy’s secrets, if you want to know more you will have to get yourself to a Lucy Libido workshop but here’s just a few of the essential oils recommended for her pleasure, just to get you started!

  • Ylang Ylang – It helps harmonise and balance male/female energies.
  • Valor – Fabulous for loosing emotional blocks and instilling confidence!
  • Orange – Helps to let go of stress and be in the moment

Have I peaked your curiosity yet? Well the absolute best way to find out more is to come along to a Lucy Libido “A Girlfriends Guide Between the Sheets” Workshop, however if you would like to know more right now, feel free to give me a call!

Please remember that neither Lucy nor I, take responsibility for any discomfort caused, if you use low-grade essential oils on your lady bits. Only the best therapeutic grade essential oils are recommended and when it comes to being edible, Young Living Essential Oils are the only ones I know with FSANZ approval for ingestion.

Enjoy your time between the sheets and I hope to see you, or hear from you, soon 😉

Shekinah x




Kahuna Massage Specialist * Civil Marriage Celebrant * Shamanic Practitioner * Rites of Passage Facilitator Shekinah Leigh runs her own business on the Gold Coast providing Kahuna Bodywork, Sacred Ceremonies, Shamanic Energy Healing and Rites of Passage programs. Integrating her chosen paths of Hawaiian Shamanism, Native American Medicine Teachings and the Ancient Yogic Traditions, Shekinah holds a strong and safe space for transformation & healing to take place at a deep & cellular level. “I have learned that it can be through embracing our darkest nights and greatest fears that we experience our greatest gifts…”

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