I have been getting massages regularly for the past fifteen years due to some injuries and stress.  When I first came to Australia ten years ago it took me quite some time to find someone really good, so I went to quite a few.  But after my first massage with Shekinah, I was hooked.  She is, quite simply, the best.  I regularly go to her since I can rest assured that it will be a great massage.  She intuitively knows just the right pressure (even if its hard and deep) to release deep-seated tension. Or, if I just need to relax, her Kahuna massage is fantastic.  I noticed that after her massages, I feel not only relaxed physically, but I feel lighter and more energetic for days.  All in all, getting a massage from Shekinah is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.  Better yet if someone gives it to you!  –  Sirrah