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Klara Jones from “Klara Belle”

10393888_951733281504095_7471232416346413078_n_fotorThis weeks FEATURED GODDESS is Klara Jones from Klara Belle Designs!

Klara creates beautiful one of a kind pieces made from pre loved doilies and vintage fabrics. She wants to empower women, to embrace their individuality through her clothing and share her passion for “fashion meets art” with the world. Klara hand makes each and every one of her creations and pours her heart into each piece.

Klara belle is where art meets fashion, where vintage meets chick, where a woman meets her inner goddess.

Founded by Klara Jones in 2008, the Klara Belle doily revolution continues to enchant and captivate. Each design, a collaboration of countless hours of intricate patchwork and crochet. Each piece, a unique treasure to be owned by one, yet revered by many. Owning your own Klara Belle creation says to the world. I am strong, I am feminine, I follow my own path, I am gorgeous!!!

Specialising in unique wedding dresses, custom designs and accessories, Klara Belle will never be found on the shelf of your local boutique clothing store or online market for mainstream consumption. Private, custom orders and fittings apply only.

Website Launch

websit launch_Fotor_CollageThis site has been up and running for a little while now but I really wanted to take this opportunity to invite you in, to take a look, have a feel and explore this website and all that it has to offer –

I have chosen February the 19th, 2015, as its the FIRST day of the Chinese New Year and the New Moon.

This Chinese year of the Goat/Sheep, is a feminine (YIN), energy. It symbolises Peace, Harmony and Tranquility. It is nurturing and healing and has a strong emphasis on uniting as one, to work together, for the benefit of all.

The new moon in Pisces is all about water, fluidity, dreaming, imagination, compassion, emotions, diving into the depths and embracing the watery realms of spirit. What great energy to launch MY DREAM into! It will be carried by the flowing waters of feminine energy, as we all take the time to just BE in femininity…

As a special offer to those of you who have felt the call and would like to experience a little more. I have 3 beautiful gifts for you to choose from. Actually, you don’t have to choose at all, you can experience all 3 if you desire.

1. Free (EMOTIONS) Devotional Practice & EMPOWER the Feminine Poster, just follow this link –

2. Motherhood – The Initiation online course for only $75 (Usually $150), follow this link –

3. $50 Massage to the first 5 new clients that sign up, follow this link –

Feel free to share with family, friends and loved ones. These offers are only for 7 DAYS, beginning on Thursday the 19th February !

I am also currently running a women’s circle ( and if you want to stay up-to-date on what is happening, come over and like my Facebook Page or join the growing circle of sisters by signing up to my newsletter at

Thank you for taking the time to see what I am sharing, I encourage you to come to the website and experience one of these feminine gifts that I am offering, for yourself.

In Beauty
Shekinah Leigh
“Sacred Feminine Practitioner”

P.S. Every week I spotlight a woman and her business/organisation in my ‘FEATURED GODDESSES” section. If you would like to be one of these Goddesses than email me with a 25-50 word bio & some pics on who you are and how you are honouring the feminine through your work.

The Co-Empowered Triangle

Co-empowerment triangleAs you first begin to apply this triangle to yourself and to your relationships, be kind and have patience with the process. The most import thing is acknowledging that change is needed and supporting yourself and those you love to step into Dharma without judgment, or creating more wounding and trauma in life. Belief systems and patterns can be decades old and it requires a Warrior of Love to hold space for change.

The next time you can feel the beginnings of that slippery slope into disharmony, take a look at this triangle and choose 1 aspect to embody. It doesn’t really matter which one it is at first, they are all empowering behaviours and will support you to turn your communicating and relating around! By choosing these behaviours, you are creating space for your partner to step into co-empowerment with you.

If you are accurately listening, your partner can challenge by not being at the effect and your relationship can support you both to higher levels of self-growth. If you are challenging old patterns and beliefs with compassion, your partner can actively listen and your relationship can support you both. If you are supporting and your partner is actively listening, than your relationship can challenge you both to continually step into more maturity and self-responsibility. The dance of co-empowerment is a beautiful thing and as you get more used to using this tool, you will find yourself effortlessly creating harmony in all of your relationships.

It’s time to re-write the story and step into Dharma!

The Co-Dependency Triangle

Screen-Shot-2012-12-02-at-12.00.27-PMI received this teaching many years ago, while apprenticed to the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path. It is such a simple, yet helpful tool that I wanted to share it with you here.

The Co-dependency triangle shows us what role we play in perpetuating drama and disharmony in our daily lives. When we are living in Karma and living in co-dependent relationships, most of the time they will take the form of this triangle. Quite often you will be one of the points, either victim, persecutor or rescuer. Many times these roles shift and move depending on the issues, or triggers, or relationship that you are involved in. However, if your relationship with your partner, your children, your co-workers or any one else, feels full of drama and dis-ease, chances are you are dancing this triangle of co-dependency.

This is how it works – you will be one point, the other person will be another point and your relationship will take on the 3rd aspect. So if you are the victim and your partner is the persecutor, than your relationship will be the rescuer. If you are the rescuer and your partner is the victim, than your relationship will be the persecutor.

I encourage you to take some time, to compassionately overlay this triangle into your daily interactions and important relationships. Truthfully acknowledge what role you play and make a conscious decision, if you choose to, to step out of Karma, step out of Co-dependency and away from Drama.

I will post the Co-empowerment triangle very soon – this triangle will show you how to step into Dharma, maturity and co-empowered relating xx

Shoshana at “Aspiral Design”

307777_177756728985964_952358314_nThis weeks FEATURED GODDESS is Shoshana at Aspiral Design!

Create a colourful world!

Shoshana Fitzgerald is a colourful creative mother. Inspiring the young and young at Business Cardheart across South East QLD with her fun and interactive Tie Dye Workshops. Shoshana uses her own unique hand made non toxic dyes to brighten our world and brings passion , smiles and rainbows where ever she goes.

P7050711My daughter and I have had such fun and created such beautiful items of clothing with Shoshana. Definitely check out her FB Page to see where her next workshop is at! She also does kids parties and other events, it’s a great idea for kids young and old!

Music is Medicine

70'sprofile copy with music quoteFrom blues, to country, to funk, to chanting. From rock, to tribal, to thrash, to death & heavy metal. All music has MEDICINE to share.

Ever since I was a teenager I have used music to FEEL, EXPRESS and BALANCE my emotions. I lived for music; it filled my body and soul in ways that nothing else at the time, could even come close to matching. I listened to it in the privacy of my bedroom at home, I had it with me via a Walkman or Discman when I went out. I took every opportunity to go and see & feel it live, to have the FULL experience of being in the energy of the musicians & the music and to feel the vibe, from the other music lovers.

We all know how a song can remind us of things from our past, the good and the bad. We all have our favourites, we all have those daggy songs we grew up with, that we can’t grow out of. Music can bring BEAUTY, healing, sadness, joy, laughter and fun. Music is medicine, however most of us know that medicine can be poisonous if taken in the wrong dosage, or at the wrong time, or in the wrong way. Vibrations and frequencies hold powerful MAGICK and should be treated with respect. So something that we can learn and become consciously aware of, as we mature, is what kind of music we NEED, when we need it and how much we need of it.

For me, all that has changed, regarding music, as I’ve gotten older, is the addition of DANCE to my musical experience. When I can feel that sweet spot of ultimate surrender and oneness with the music, when my body has ceased to exist because the flow & weaving of sound & movement can no longer be separated, that is where profound healing occurs for me, through body, mind and soul.

So no matter whether its Deva Premal, Sacred Earth, The Cure, Guns N’ Roses, Metallica, Slayer or anything in between, when you can discerningly choose the RIGHT music as medicine for you, in any given moment, you have truly found a path to HEALING.

2 of my ultimate favourite songs that help me to fully EXPRESS, feel and let go of intense emotions, that may be arising within me, are “Release” by Pearl Jam and “Killing in the Name” by Rage Against the Machine. I love having the FREEDOM to drop deeply into the feeling of these songs, that match the vibration and frequency of what is happening for me, so that I can come away feeling acknowledged, clean and clear within….

Do you use music as medicine to support you in feeling expressing and balancing your emotions? What are your favourite songs to move and release with?

Dancing in Beauty

Lindy from “Gypsy Vibes”

Screenshot 2015-02-02 12.12.37Week 3 of our FEATURED GODDESSES!

This weeks LUSCIOUS lady is one of those women that was a SOUL SISTER from the moment I first saw her! Lindy Simms is the Goddess behind GYPSY VIBES. Her vision is to bring together a community of like minded souls with the intention to build personal growth and pure happiness. Gypsy Vibes is IMG_20150201_193231all about laughter, sharing, drumming, yoga, dancing throughsoul nourishing workshops, retreats and events.

Gypsy Vibes is running a beautiful women’s event in Burleigh on Saturday the 7th February – check out the Event Page below for more Info!

FB Event Page –